Korean crush

Watching Korean dramas got me addicted lately, and I stumble from one Korean movie to another. After watching so many movies with the actor Gong Yoo I arrived at one clear conclusion. I have a crush 🤫😪.

(Image Source – WallpaperAccess)

Yes, I know, this should not happen. I mean the actor I have a crush on is in his 40’s smashing his movie career. But what can I do? It’s not like you can control your feelings.

And I thought to myself, Kate, this can be treated 😂. So, here I go, trying to check other movies, still Korean, of course (can’t give up at my passion for Korean movies either), but changing the actors and the frame completely.

It took me two weeks to completely start and finish the movie: The heirs.

(Image Source – Wattpad)

A cute movie overall, but my mind was still with Gong Yoo. Don’t get me wrong, the actors in this movie were good and played their role amazing. But I guess it’s not easy to get over your first Korean Movie Crush.

So, Gong Yoo, if you ever read this post (like this is ever going to happen), please don’t hate me. I could not control it. 

How do you deal with your movie crushes, dear bloggers? Any treatments? 😅

30 de gânduri despre “Korean crush

  1. I started watching k drama and movies last year , l am in the UK, after a few weeks l got curious now 7 months later l learn how to read Korean and speaking the language. Amazing discovery l just love the culture, history and how different their social structures are. Best learning experience ever

  2. Huh, i have crush on someone and 2 time i express my feelings to her but she can’t respect my felling .kate u are the 2nd one to whom i am telling this…😑😑

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