Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0

Hello, my dear readers and fellow bloggers! I have been nominated for a new award, Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0. I am declaring a new award because this specific prize refers to SEO Sunshine Blogger, not the one we were previously used to.

I am going to say ashamed that the nomination took place on 6th April, but unfortunately did not succeed to respond in time. I hope the dear successful SEO writer that nominated me, Debby will not be upset for the delay! 😁

For those of you who may not know me yet, I am Mariana Catalina, a blog writer, and IT Consultant working currently for a corporation in my country.

To be honest, I am not so deeply familiar with the SEO notion thoroughly, as I am writing more out of passion and dedication. Because writing is one of my favorite things to do in this life, and because writing chose me.

Nevertheless, in time I discovered Debby’s Blog, Advancement Through Optimization and I managed to understand the threads of SEO and get inspired. The writer, Debby, is an SEO consultant, content publicist, and link building, strategist.

I would like to say thank you to Debby for thinking of nominating me and sharing this amazing award. She is a gifted person with a large set of skills and her posts are inspiring and almost every time, teach you a lesson. You can discover more about her on the very first page of her blog.

Sunshine Blogger Award

My nominee’s – Because this is a new blog award I would like to mention the nominee’s directly through a comment on their blog, instead of creating a list in this post. If you read this post and would like to get involved and spread the good word, simply consider yourself nominated! 😉

Responding to Debby’s questions:

1) Are you familiar with SEO strategies? Have you optimized your site yourself? Did you do off site or on site SEO for your blog or website and what is the best SEO software you have used?

To be honest, I haven’t used the SEO as a „tool” for my blog. So far, I got no SEO involved and I cannot refer to any SEO Software at the moment.

2) What is the most embarrassing clothing item you have ever worn?

Well, looking back in the past I believe there were some weird times when I have worn odd clothing items. I remember that one time, in my childhood when my mother let me chose a dress for a festivity at school, I was 2nd grade at that time. The dress was pretty nice, judging my taste back then, but did not fit me so well.

Imagine an 8-year-old girl, with a short hair cut, wearing a cheap large colorful dress while interpreting the poems in front of the class. For my parents back then it was sad, but that was all that they could offer me as the budget was poor. Where they saw poverty with tears in the eyes, I saw an opportunity.

3) Have you ever intentionally broken the law? When? Where? and how?

In my 24 years of existence I have not broken the law, at least once. I always think that the laws are made to be respected, not to abide by them. It’s funny because in the past, after watching police series I felt afraid of the police for no reason 😅.

4) If you were given $750 to spend on anything you wanted, what would you buy?

It depends on the time and the circumstances. At times, huge amounts of cash arrive exactly when you need them. But if it were, for now, I would probably donate them to the hospitals that require the money to save lives.

5) If you had enough money that you never needed to work again, what would you do with your time?

Dear Debby, everything 😅. I am a person that likes to be active and do meaningful things, I can’t just lay around through the house and do zilch. But, most probably, I would volunteer for real life-threatening causes. The good deeds are all that we take with us when we die.

6) If you could start over your life and change one thing, what would you change?

I believe that we can have a new, fresh start every day. We have the power within us to change the things that worried us yesterday, the words that were not meant to be said, the behavior or simply the acts that we had taken. It’s up to us to take life in our hands and change it for the better. 

7) What do you consider your greatest strength, your greatest weakness?

I am a very social person, I can make friends and get acquainted facile, being easy going and open. In regards of the vulnerability, I believe the fact that I cannot always find the courage to speak up the things that bother me from the beginning, but in time I do speak my heart out and let the people know the truths that need to be known.

8) What have you tried lately that is new and exciting?

Heh, I don’t know the answer to that question, because recently, due to the Coronavirus situation and the lock down I don’t go outside, don’t enjoy new places or try new things.

I returned to blogging, if it counts, but I do have a plan on starting to learn to play the guitar, paint a wall, I have a new cotton material and I intend to sew some pillow cases from scratch. Yeah, mostly plans.

9) What was the greatest adventure in your life so far?

I will have to be honest with this one. I am staying in front of the laptop and thinking for like a few minutes now. God, I have to get out of the house and try exciting new stuff. 😪

10) What makes you happiest and when you think about it you cannot help but smile?

The people around me, that make my day better. The fact that another day has started and I know that we are still healthy and stayed together through this pandemic, fighting the odds. The fact that God has blessed our family.

11) Are some people’s lives worth more than others? Why or why not?

I believe every single soul’s life is important because he/she is on this earth with a purpose, with a mission to accomplish. Every life is priceless.

My questions:

  1. How do you cope with the Coronavirus situation? How is quarantine working for you?
  2. Have you ever enjoyed a sunrise with someone dear?
  3. What is the most exciting thing that you did during this quarantine?
  4. If you were to leave the country and leave tomorrow, what place would you chose? Describe the choice.
  5. What is your opinion about after life and do you believe in reincarnation?
  6. What is the most amazing tea flavor that you have ever tasted? Exemplify your choice.
  7. What do you think about online shopping?
  8. If you were to close your eyes for a moment, what is the first thing that you can visualize?
  9. Do you like Korean Dramas? If yes, name a few.
  10. Have you ever baked something at home, do you consider yourself a good chef?
  11. What is your happy place?


* Introduce yourself;

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* Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you;

* List all rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your blog post;

* Nominate 11 new bloggers and their blogs. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they received the reward and ask your nominees 11 questions.

In the end, I want to thank Debby again for nominating me for this amazing award. If you liked the post, you can also take it and share it with the lovely persons around the WordPress World.

Take care and stay safe! 😊😇