Lună: aprilie 2020

Song of the day #129

This sound brings me good feelings in this quarantine. I hope you will like it! ^^

Fifi’s got a new haircut

Hello, dear readers! Last week I managed to get our cat, Fifi, a haircut. Funny thing, we haven’t received a haircut, only the cat is privileged these days as the vet is still working. The photos are from the personal library.

The road to a healthy hair

I noticed these days, that I am starting to lose a lot of hair, in comparison to what I lost in the past. I gave up ironing my hair during this quarantine and stopped blow drying it, leaving it as natural as I could. I only used commercial hair masks, hair oils, and simply, breaded the hair or kept it high in a ponytail. … Citește mai mult The road to a healthy hair

Song of the day #128

Do you hear that sound? I hear the rumor of a Good Life! ✨

A new beginning

Hello, my dear readers and fellow bloggers! Today is Monday again, but this time it’s like I don’t feel the burden so hard on my chest. I have good feelings, feel good and I am positive. 🌞 I’ve been enjoying a week full of rest and now it is time to go back to work, still from home. I have to admit I missed … Citește mai mult A new beginning

Korean crush

Watching Korean dramas got me addicted lately, and I stumble from one Korean movie to another. After watching so many movies with the actor Gong Yoo I arrived at one clear conclusion. I have a crush 🤫😪. Yes, I know, this should not happen. I mean the actor I have a crush on is in his 40’s smashing his movie career. But what can I do? … Citește mai mult Korean crush

Song of the day #127


Because we have to let go

Time has flown away since the last post. Everything appeared to vanish so soon in this quarantine that I don’t even know when it occurred and most importantly, if all of it was just a bad dream. I was telling you in the last post that my cousin, Costel has passed away recently. His death was more of a shock to me because I … Citește mai mult Because we have to let go

Song of the day #126

Unexpected sadness

You know that moment when you are going on with your life normally? When even if quarantined, you are trying to keep yourself positive and attempting to keep happy and motivated, having good thoughts? And then the world simply falls on your back? That’s how I feel now. There are some people in our family circle, that we don’t regularly speak with, some people … Citește mai mult Unexpected sadness

Song of the day #125


Awesome Blogger Award

Hello, my dearest ones! Since I have taken a break for two weeks, I have been nominated for a few awards. One, it was the Sunshine Award and the second, was the Awesome Blogger Award. The post was made on 13 April, and I am replying on 23 April, with a delay (Unfortunately). I feel like a bad child that didn’t do her homework … Citește mai mult Awesome Blogger Award

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