New Korean Drama

It’s been a while since I have not posted anything in regards to Korean Dramas. Mostly, because I did not have time for watching any, and limited to one or a maximum of 2 episodes per night.

I finished the Goblin, as you know from my previous posts 😄😁 and considered starting a new Korean series, the Coffee Prince. I believe that Gong Yoo is a very good actor and wanted to try another Korean Drama with him in the main role.

Coffee Prince

The Coffee Prince is a 2007 Korean Drama that surprises an irresponsible bachelor that pretends to be gay so he can avoid blind dates arranged by his grandma. He hires Eun-chan to be his lover, not knowing that she is a female.

I managed to arrive at episode 5 yesterday and I am continuing to enjoy the series over a cup of hot lemon tea. I like how a movie keeps you trapped in its story with its cute and funny feelings.

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  1. I highly recommend Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo if you haven’t seen it yet. oh my god the amount of feels that I got from that drama, ugh! Descendants of the Sun is also one of my faves haha.

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