Dogs in our life

I managed to speak with a person about happy souls that were at a moment present in our lives, about pets and their presence in our souls.

Being separated from people, having to work remotely from home on this period with Corona Virus just brings old feelings back to life, memories about moments in life that already passed, but left a mark.

Memories and feelings

We are so blessed by God with such surprising animals since the beginning of life. In my case, for example, I had many amazing souls that I can remember.

In my childhood, in the early years of life, at the age of 2, a crazy shepherd dog was just adopted in our family. He was not brought in our life as a pet, but more as a guardian, his purpose is to protect the house.

I, like a curious child at that time, wanted to play with the dog and tried to hug and to throw things, while playing at him. The dog, in his mind, took my attempt to play as a threat and tried to bite me.

He did not manage to bite me though, as my family arrived in time and took me away from the dog. In time, this beautiful white and black colored dog proved to be more than a guardian to the home and protected it with his last powers.

I do remember, as I have grown up playing with him, petting him and giving him food. It’s like I can see his kind look and playful manner always trying to greet and protect his loved ones. He is a dog that I will not forget in this life.

I also remember wanting to have small dogs, trying to adopt them in the family. But whenever I tried to get out of the house or go grocery shopping or school, they always got involved in some trouble and ended either dead in a car accident or being taken by somebody else.

A new hope

When we had to move to the other house, my dad managed to get us a new dog, Shogun. A white and orange big dog used to guard the ships at the sheepfold. I remember his strong presence since I got to know him.

Shogun was so strong and beautiful, had a powerful voice and everybody was afraid of his barking and was just mesmerized by his attitude. I remember one time when I arrived from school and he was let loose as the belt was broken and he just jumped around me, wanting to play and have fun.

At that time I was so scared and wanted to hide somewhere, thinking that maybe he wants to bite me, but it was not the case. The neighbors were afraid of him and did not want to enter the yard, colleagues were amazed and we were just happy and thought that we were lucky to have him.

I was 8 when he arrived at the new house and 18 when we had to let him go. Unfortunately, due to old age and sickness, Shogun died in the garden. It is hard to describe the pain and the empty spot that he left behind, we knew that he was our best dog, the most beautiful gift that God could offer.

(Image Source – Unsplash)

Old hopes bring new souls

When I had to leave at the college my parents adopted another dog, a white and black breed between a wolf and a rottweiler. I did not have enough time to get familiarized and get to know this dog so well, as I was most of the time away for college and always working.

My parents decided to give this new dog the same name as the old one had, Shogun. He had a strong attitude as well and was more powerful and different from the other. Even if his presence was intimidating, in time he got to love the family and became a part of it, protecting it and giving his best to be the best guardian of the house.

I remember him when going home in his last years, always jumping around, cheerful to meet us, wanting to play and at times it was like you can see him smile. He was happy with the family and knew that this was his place to be. But, unfortunately, he died a few days ago.

My mother called me in tears and announced to me that Shogun has died, again. For us, the dog is a guardian and a symbol of protection, a friend and more than that, a part of the family.

(Image Source – Unsplash)

Last thoughts

The guardians of the new home are now buried in the garden, both in the same place. Now, an apricot tree has raised in the place where these beautiful souls have died, and whenever we go home we visit the garden and take a moment to remember and to honor these souls.

Now, our home is empty and does not have the mesmerizing presence of the missing guardians, as now they rest in the garden and guard us from above.

I thank God for sending these beautiful souls and for their unlimited gifts that they offered. They filled the exact empty spot that it was missing and completed the family, at its best.

I want to also say thank you to God for the pets that we have at the moment in our lives, for the many curious cats that now reside at the country in the new house and for Fifi. And I am sure that shortly a new guardian will bless the family at home and will fill it again with joy and barks.

(Image Source – Unsplash)

17 gânduri despre “Dogs in our life

  1. Dogs are so good and loyal. I had two dogs in my entire life. One was actually my uncle’s. I had only one who had died 1.5 years ago. I still miss my weirdo Banny boy, the smartest border collie

    • That is so true, and they also so rare to find and love, maybe this is why I became a cat owner. Because it’s nice to know that you have a pet that is going to be there for a longer time.
      I believe that the dog is missing you as well and is watching you from above. And don’t despair, as God will provide you soon with a new dog whom you will love more than the previous one.
      Take care, Sara!

  2. Hi Katherine! Great stories and photos about the animal companions in your life in particular these dogs which you love as much as I do! These amazing animals are so special and a gift from God and as I’m sure you know in English God spelled backwards is dog. I’ll share a couple of my dog experiences with you and your readers which should speak volumes to how I feel about your lovely article and affection for dogs!
    God bless you, your family and all of your dog friends past and present!

      • Hello Katherine and I’m so happy to hear you will enjoy them. Yes, I am a huge dog lover and animals in general are so beautiful to me. I had time to work on a blog article today after waking and reading another bloggers article which inspired me suddenly. But as the day went on I have gotten ill with chills and headache which I am hopeful is a regular cold/flu. I will say prayers tonight for anyone I know in person and online as well for the world to overcome not just this virus but all of its issues and tun to the Lord in supplication with a genuine humble heart. God Bless You and Yours. Amen.

      • Hello, Lawrence. Make sure you stay at home, protected and take good care of yourself.
        Drink tea, make hot baths, take vitamin vitamin C and dont go out.

        Thank you for your kind prayers, may God take care of you and your family! ⚘

      • Hi Katherine! Thank you very much for caring and having those great tips for me. I live alone and became pretty self-sufficient, but I can always use good ideas like that and it’s said that it’s the thought that counts most with giving! Good medicine you sent me my Sister in Christ. I’m sure you’re a very wise Lady and do all the right and best things but still besides paying for you I tell you to please take care! I have the ingredients on hand some fresh ginger root, cayenne pepper, raw honey, fresh lemon with pulp and a bit of ginger brandy as the accelerator all into a hot strong steeped tea which has done me good with a cold coming on, so I hope with that and your advice no matter what I have it will get kicked in the butt and out! You’re so sweet and kind you sweetie! So much so I wish I could actually see you when well again to give you a bear hug! Again the thought counts so I hope you know I mean it and you get the spirit of my genuine feeling for you and that it helps you even in a tiny way! I’m going to get into the kitchen and make the tea now! Catch up late I hope with good news on both sides! Lots of love from my heart to you dear woman! In the name of Jesus be blessed fully and His angels watch over you! Thank you so much again!
        Lorenzo (my mom’s pet way of saying my name and she is the only other woman that showed that same genuine nurturing like you! Bye Bye! 🤗

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