Coronavirus – Update

Hello, dear readers! Today I wanted to create a new post for the novel Coronavirus situation worldwide.

Coronavirus situation at the moment Worldwide

If we were to take a look at the situation worldwide, it is not getting better. Take, for example, Italy, a country situated in Europe and very close to the country I reside in, Romania. It feels like yesterday the Covid 19 virus appeared and now northern Italy is in lockdown as the country has now recorded 5,883 cases and 233 deaths.

According to BBC the persons isolated in quarantine in Italy at the moment arrive at the number of 16 million. France now has a total of 949 cases, including a member of the French Parliament. In Spain, about 470 people have the virus, and fatalities reached 10 on Saturday.

The smallest E.U. nation, Malta, reported its first confirmed case on Saturday: a 12-year-old girl recently returned from a vacation in northern Italy. Her condition was described as good.

On Sunday Bulgaria confirmed four coronavirus cases out of 70 people tested, being the first confirmed cases in the country. Germany has more than 800 confirmed Coronavirus cases.

The number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus arrived at the number 164 in the UK on Friday, with 20,338 people tested. There are currently 188 confirmed cases of infection in the Netherlands.

Greece said on Saturday it had 21 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total in the country to 66. In Switzerland, the total of infections now confirmed to be more than 260. In Poland, there are 6 persons infected with the virus, while in Austria stand 32 cases.

Belgium reaches 109 confirmed cases, and in Romania, the total number of confirmed cases arrive at 13. Iran has confirmed almost 6,000 coronavirus infections and 145 deaths.

In the United States, 444 cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and state and local governments, and 19 people have died.

The epicenter of the cases in New York continued to be just north of the city, in Westchester County, where the total reached 70. Washington State raised its count of cases to more than 100 on Saturday and added two more deaths, bringing the state’s toll to 16 and the nation’s to 19.

Egypt’s health minister announced 33 new infections on a quarantined Nile cruise boat on Sunday, including foreign tourists and Egyptian crew members, bringing to 45 the number onboard who have tested positive.

On Sunday, South Korea announced 367 new infections, bringing the country’s total to 7,134, according to the South Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and 50 deaths.

The total number of worldwide cases stands at more than 105,000, with 3,599 deaths. China’s National Health Commission reported 27 new deaths from the coronavirus on Sunday and 99 new infections.

(Image Source – Unsplash,
tam wai)

Personal conclusions

I concluded that recently I did not pay too much attention to what is happening and treated the situation with ignorance.

Recently I even received a flyer with information about this virus and simply smiled at it, knowing that is impossible for the virus to get anywhere near to my family, loved ones and co-workers.

When somebody coughs at work, have a fever or feels dizzy we tend to make jokes about it and move on. We know that we are young it is very unlikely for any of us to be affected by this strange virus and if we get the flu or get a respiratory disease we have the courage and belief that it will go away within a few days.

Usually, the situation starts like, this (at least for me): I start feeling dizzy, lack the energy, have a fever, my head hurts, my tonsils are swollen and begin to cough. I get ahead of the iconic flu with over the shelf medicines like Coldrex, Theraflu, Paracetamol, vitamin C and make sure to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of tea, eating fresh fruits and soups, exercise and stay away of other infected persons.

But you see, at times is almost impossible to stay away forever. I do have to get to work, have a busy schedule often and get in touch with various persons every day. I have to face agglomeration in the bus station, on the way to work as the location is situated near a commercial center.

I believe that this winter I managed to get the flu for at least 6 times. And it’s not that the immune system is not strong enough, God I try to stay as healthy as I can. But then a co-worker gets sick, a family member and even strangers that we come in contact with. The flu virus spreads so fast that it is even hard for the system to fight with it at times.

If you do want to stay protected and fight with the disease it’s almost hard at times. I remembered that I had to go to a pharmacy last week to buy some medicine prescriptions that the doctor recommended for overall health. Before I arrived at the counter a pharmacist was yelling at me and informing me that she does not have any masks left.

I did not intend to buy any masks but what if I had the flu and had to get one? What if there were persons that needed one?

I hate the huge amount of misinformation and intimidation that healthy persons get at times. Stop buying masks if you don’t need them, people, stop the terrible shopping spree in the malls for cans of food and supplies. You are not the only ones scared of this virus but we need to calm down and get properly informed.

Yes, the Coronavirus is spreading as the day goes by and yes it is a pandemic but that does not mean that we will run over the night of supplies and food, authorities promised that it will not arrive in that stage. Getting panicked, hiding around the house and being scared is not the answer.

All we do by doing these things is simply letting the negative outcomes embrace us and allowing bad things to happen. If we stay protected, take care of our immune systems and move on with our lives with courage and perseverance we will overcome the disease.

We are not cowards, we are strong human beings that can fight the unexpected events that sometimes take place in our lives. Hiding, buying huge amounts of supply that will probably be used its never the answer.

As Josh Sipp Said: “You either get bitter or you get better. It’s that simple. You either take what has been dealt with you and allow it to make you a better person, or you allow it to tear you down. The choice does not belong to fate, it belongs to you.”

(Image Source – Unsplash,Timothy Eberly)

16 gânduri despre “Coronavirus – Update

  1. I completely agree with you about the lack of informing themselves before going out and buying things that they don’t need. For example: I needed to travel but because people went out and bought all of the sanitary supplies, I couldn’t get any for me that I actually needed, as opose to them using them just for going next doot to drink coffee with their neighbors. Small amounts of back ups of food is a really good idea (just look at Italy being on quarantined lockdown and their markets not working) but it got to the ridiculous point where people were buying 80cans of beans, 100kg of flower, 10 boxes (again, BOXES full of) cooking oil…. Panic is bad, but we need to be aware thet this is not to be taken lightly. It is like flu when it comes to prevention, but the biggest difference there is that there is no vaccine for it. So, prevention is key.
    It is good to be talked about this subject.
    I was so affraid to travel, so much so that I got a panic attack (probably one of the worst ones) from fear not for me, but for the people around me. It was all because other people panicking instead of informi g themselves from reliable sources and calm down on the conspiracy theories.
    Wishing you a great start of the week!

    • Hello, Antidote. First I want to say Thank you for the comment and supporting my point.
      I believe that is hard and in these times is difficult to cope and people end up being scared, panicked.
      Its important that we are aware of the impact that Coronavirus is having on the population and that we are not ones of those people that end up overbuying stuff they dont need.
      I advise you to stay calm, buy some sanitary soaps from a commercial store if they are stil available and stay protected.
      Take care! 🤗

  2. Well, it become seriously now. I think we are given chance from God to repair all, most prayer to god, keep clean and healthy and last stay at home is better.

  3. This explanation was written by a doctor in the Midlands in England and elaborates on why some people get mild symptoms while others become critically ill:

    It’s also got a lot of helpful advice for families that are self-isolating.

    I’ve been following all the news, updates and advice, but no one has really been focusing on viral load, which is strange because it makes an awful lot of sense.

  4. This was a much needed update I feel. Good job. People need to realise that it is a situation which coukd set the world back by 20 years, hindering development also. I have started my own blog. Please go like, comment and follow. It would be much appreciated.

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