Hello, my dear readers! Lately, I have been studying about skin regeneration techniques for the post-acne scars, as you might know from my previous posts. I had enough of essential oils, creams, and treatments that don’t work their action through the skin, the result being mostly the same as the acne scars did not go away.

What is dermarolling?

Derma rolling is the act of using a derma roller – which is a handled roller, covered in small and fixed needles (usually 0.3 mm or even smaller) that you can rollover your clean skin to create micro-punctures on the face.

The purpose of the derma roller is to penetrate the skin using wound healing stimulation. A derma roller creates small perforations in the skin layer and gives it enough space in between where the wound healing stimulation takes over.

The result is amazing as new skin grows that becomes smoother with a plumper complexion. The Derma rolling process creates microscopic wounds that induce collagen and elastin production.

Who can use a dermaroller, is it safe to use at home?

The derma roller can be used by anyone, from persons with acne scars to persons with large pores. The process depends on the purpose that is being used for because if we want to refine the skin we should use thin, short needles and for acne scarring, we should use deeper and thicker needles.

Persons with acne-prone skin should be careful, as persons with eczema, psoriasis or cystic acne are more likely to spread the bacteria from one zit to the whole face.
The derma roller can be used at home in combination with a quality serum for 2-3 times a week, but it is ideal to be used one time per week.

If a quality serum is missing from home we can also use aloe vera as it is a potent antioxidant-rich in vitamins, soothes the irritated skin.

How should I use the dermaroller at home?

We need to start with disinfecting the derma roller. It is important to disinfect the derma roller before and after use, by letting is soak in 70 percent isopropyl alcohol for approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

The skin has to prepared, completely clean of oils and any dirt. It is recommended to use a foam cleanser and a toner to balance the pH. Also, we can use a numbing cream like Lidocaine or Prilocaine.

To start the procedure we need to roll horizontally over the forehead, chicks, chin back and forth. Then, go vertically on the forehead up and down up to three times. Finally, go diagonally across the face.

Once we have rolled our face we need to continue with active skincare products. We can use face serums, where the recommended ones are vitamin C serums or even Aloe Vera. The best time to apply the derma rolling procedure is during the night time as we are not exposed to sun rays.

We can wash our faces with water 8 hours after the procedure. It is important to use a gentle cleanser post the derma rolling procedure.

Avoid using any makeup products, sunscreens or tanning lotions after a derma rolling procedure because it creates thousands of micro channels into the deeper skin layer.

We should avoid taking hot baths, saunas and avoid touching the skin unnecessarily and if needed wash the hands and wear gloves.

Does dermarolling hurt?

The process increases in pain depending on what type of derma roller we use, as the deeper the needle is, the more painful it will be. Also, the way of derma rolling is very important, as we need to use a light hand, we need to feel it but not through the point that is becoming uncomfortable.

When should we see the results?

The results pretty much depend on the frequency that we use the derma roller. It is recommended to use the derma roller once a week to build the tolerance in time up to two or three times a week, the smaller the needle, the more we can repeat the procedure.

Usually, Collagen takes up to two months to grow but used every week the results should appear in a month.

(Image Source – Unsplash, Adrian Motroc)

3 Comments on “Dermarolling

  1. I’ve been having skin issues as well and i’ve been dealing self esteem issues because of it. Thank you for shedding light on giving people with this kind of issue an act of kindness instead of giving unsolicited advice. Love your posts!

    • I understand, Fenichi, I’ve been there.
      Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.
      Happy women’s day! ❤️

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