Flu symptoms and hope

I don’t know what is happening to me in the last few days but I don’t feel so good. My energy is all drained and I feel like I am failing to perform even the easiest tasks at home and work.

In the morning when I wake up my body is weak and every muscle is hurting me, my head aches so bad and I have fever. The eyes are swollen and I can barely open them as I tend to weep.

My voice is changed and I cough now and then and I am dizzy, failing to pay attention at things being disturbed by a tinnitus. My chest is in pain and I can barely speak as the tonsils are swollen.

My food appetite is low and I mostly eat fluid foods and drink a lot of tea and water. I have chills and if now I am hot in the next minute I am so cold that nothing could make me feel warm again.

Yesterday I thought that maybe the change of program at work and the working hours could interfere with my physical state but I think it is something else. With this constant change of weather the organism tends to fail.

The day before yesterday, outside were only 18 degrees, with sun and warm wind and yesterday it was snow and -1 degree. No wonder flu and other diseases are so easy to appear and affect the body.

Now I am treating myself with hot lemon tea with herbs, Theraflu and vitamin C to help the body recover. In a few hours I have to get ready for work and start a new productive day, ignoring the flu that catches me in its nets.

I am hopeful as the weekend approaches and I am free to stay in the bed, rest and recover from the flu. How is your week going? 🙂

(Image Source – Unsplash, Kelly Sikkema)

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