Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place Review

Hello, dear readers! So, today I wanted to share with you my opinion regarding the foundation Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place. I heard so many positive things about this product before and a few months back I decided to give it a try.

As you might know, having sensitive skin and acne-prone makes it difficult to identify a product that might actually work for you. I am saying this because I kept looking for the perfect product since my acne problems started long ago, and nothing seemed to really work.

Most of the products that I have used in the past either looked good on the skin after applying them, but shortly after you could see the difference, you could see clearly the imperfections out of the skin, which in time became oily and hard to manage.

As you know I have tried in the past also the revolutionary Revlon Foundation. It worked for about a few months until I managed to observe that my skin does not really go well with it. It’s a heavy foundation that is hard to remove from the face, it becomes oily and it’s not the right answer, at least not for me.

Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place Foundation

At the moment, this foundation is No. 1 in the US and not only. Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place comes in all skin tones, all undertones. It is a matte foundation that looks flawless and natural, feels lightweight and comfortable.

The best part of this foundation is that it is a long-wear product, it’s oil-free and oil-controlling, and moreover is transfer-resistant, and the waterproof formula lasts longer in humid and hot places.

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For me, Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place is the best answer until now. I can go to work and stay even 12 hours, my skin does not get oily, looks fresh and clean.

Also, it is easy to wear and doesn’t act too harshly with the skin. Making a comparison with Revlon, Estee Lauder it’s a miracle. Revlon became oily after the first 2 hours, had no transfer resistance at all, it was hard to wear on the skin and worsened my skin condition.

With Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place sometimes I even forget that I am wearing it. It is so comfortable to wear and kind with the skin, thing that simply makes me love it.

Also, when I arrive at home I make sure that I cleanse my face well, and rarely I can observe any skin eruptions and those when I go too over the board with the consumption of dairy products.

Yes, the price is a little bit spicy but it deserves its payment, I rather purchase a more expensive product and use it wisely than spend less and cause harm to my skin and self-respect.

I use to buy the foundation from Sephora as it is more close to my workspace and the employees are really great and offer great advice about the skin and not only. I would totally recommend this product as for me it works the best, I have no complaints about it so far and I am a happy customer 😄.

What is your opinion about Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place?

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Prajitura cu piscoturi si fructe de padure

Am vazut recent postarea Anei si mi-am adus aminte ca am realizat recent chiar o prajitura cu pesmet si fructe de padure. Imi place obiceiul acesta de a posta/realiza articole cu retete in ziua de luni, in forta 😃!


  • Fructe de padure proaspete sau congelate, kiwi din comert;
  • 500 g. mascarpone;
  • Smantana grasa pentru frisca;
  • Zahar pudra, 300 de g.;
  • Esenta de vanilie;
  • Doua pachete de piscoturi (Eu am folosit una jumatate dar este mai bine sa ramana decat sa nu ajunga);
  • Sirop de capsuni pentru insiropat piscoturile.

Mod de preparare:

In primul rand ne ocupam de fructe, eu nu am gasit fructe proaspete la magazin si am cumparat congelate. Astfel, am decongelat fructele si le-am introdus intr-un amestec de zahar vanilat.

In al doilea rand trebuie sa frecam branza mascarpone impreuna cu jumatate din cantitatea de zahar pudra si esenta de vanilie. In prealabil, pregatim frisca care se realizeaza din smantana, prin batere repetata. La final se amesteca crema obtinuta din mascarpone si frisca.

Alegem o farfurie dreapta si plasam inelul rotund pentru tort, iar in interior asezam piscoturile in picioare, in asa fel incat sa formeze „un gardulet”. Dupa ce am asezat piscoturile pe inelul de tort, ne ocupam si de partea de jos, baza prajiturii.

Insiropam piscoturile o secunda in siropul de capsuni (ele se vor inmuia si de la crema) si le aranjam in asa fel incat sa umplem golurile de la baza prajiturii. De mentionat, nu insiropam piscoturile din exteriorul prajiturii deoarece pot impiedica stabilitatea acestuia.

Astfel, dupa ce am asezat prima baza de piscoturi adaugam 3 linguri de crema, niveland usor si un strat marunt de fructe de padure. Continuam cu asezarea unui alt strat de piscoturi insiropate si fructe de padure. Eu am avut 3 randuri de piscoturi deoarece inelul a fost inalt si mi-a permis acest lucru.

Pe ultimul strat dupa ce am asezat piscoturile insiropate si crema vom adauga un strat generos de fructe de padure. Eu am folosit si kiwi deoarece am considerat ca se potriveste ca si gust impreuna cu bombonele dulci din comert.

Tortul obtinut se lasa la frigider pentru 8-10 ore sau chiar peste noapte pentru ca piscoturile sa se inmoaie eficient si ca gusturile sa se imbine perfect.

(Sursa imagini – Biblioteca personala)

Pofta buna!