Protection masks and when we should use them

With the constant change of weather and variations in temperature, the body becomes weaker and more susceptible to contact seasonal colds.

Protective masks and when we should use them

The large agglomerations within the bus stations, inside the malls and even the workplace, are true sources of contamination. I say this because many people suffer from colds, they cough, sneeze outdoors without covering themselves with a napkin or at least wearing a protective mask.

Ironically, I see people wearing masks on the street because they look „cool” and they are fashionable, but they are not affected by the flu or carry any virus. People who need protective masks because they are sick do not wear them, and those who wear them do it even though they do not need it.

I was recently watching Dr. Mike’s video on Coronavirus and I was surprised to find that suppliers were left without protective masks because they were purchased in industrial quantities.

No, don’t get me wrong, they were not purchased by hospitals to supplement the real need but by healthy people, without problems. Thus, people who needed protective masks in hospitals could not use them, and those who were good, healthy were watching them from the closet at home in case of disaster.

We must understand that protective masks are intended for sick people for use to protect the healthy, not the other way around. As I said in the article on Coronavirus, it is recommended to wear a mask only if there are respiratory symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, to protect others.

It makes no sense to wear protective masks if we are well and do not pose a health threat to those around us.

Currently, factories around the world are working on the program to supplement the need for protective masks, and the need is partially covered due to the major global demand.

Hyo-Jick Choi, a professor at the University of Alberta, said: „Respiratory secretions cannot be completely filtered by protective masks. Also, the protective masks and even the surgical ones do not have the function to kill the virus, and when the respiratory secretions reach the surface of the mask, viruses can survive from several hours to a week. ”


Wearing long-lasting protective masks with virus particles can endanger both us and those around us. Thus, to ensure complete protection against viruses we must wash our hands frequently, use napkins to wipe our noses and keep a distance of 3 feet from those affected.

But under the conditions in which we have the flu, we go out in the open air without wearing a protective mask, cough and sneeze without covering ourselves with a napkin and we are very close to other healthy people contamination is imminent; especially in cases where some organisms are not ready to fight the flu and have a weakened immune system.

We do ourselves a disservice because we spread the virus in the air and we can inevitably contact it before we recover and also endanger other lives. Let’s be aware of what we do and pay more attention to ourselves and those around us to maintain a healthy and clean environment.

(Image Source – Dimitri Karastelev, Unsplash)

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