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Diagnose: Korean movies addict

Hello, my dear readers! So, as you might guess I have had again, a rough week. I am trying to do some overtime work as I want to put some money apart for future events. This week it’s been all about work, exercising, house chores and Korean Movies.

You might say, what Kate? Korean Movies? Since when you’re into that? The answer is, my dear readers, I don’t even know!

There are moments at night when I fail to fall asleep right away, due to the constant change of shifts at work and non-stop task challenge. So, here I am trying to fall asleep after a long day, doing nothing but watching the ceiling. I can do better than that, right?

How the addiction started

It all started when I have found a new site for movies, Cmovies that has a wide range of movies. The best thing about this site is that you got to pick what movies you watch depending on the genre, country, and even IMDb ratings. 

It all started when I have found a new site for movies, Cmovies that has a wide range of movies. The best thing about this site is that you got to pick what movies you watch depending on the genre, country, and even IMDb ratings. 

I am not a stingy person but I believe that it is okay to save money if you already have an alternative at what you can pay. Saving is not something wrong, but you have to earn the money before you can spend them.

And with the salaries that we all get in Romania for the poor jobs that are on the market, believe me, we have to save more than we think about it. But that is a subject for another post.

What I love about K-Movies and actors

So, on a Monday evening, as I was scrolling on the website, I managed to find a Korean category on the list. I first started with the romance-comedy movies that are entertaining and give you a nice feeling and continued with Korean Dramas.

What I mostly like about the Korean Movies is first, the attitude that the actors bear during the movies. They act like real peoples in real life, with real concerns and real feelings.

They are clean and nicely dressed, I have to recognize that I am really into their fashion style. Also, I love how their skin always looks flawless and fresh and their presence is simply mesmerizing.

Most of the actors are presented in simple situations, real-life encounters and they act as natural as possible. Their simple, cute way of treating the things that happen in the quotidian encounters, the respect that they bear for one another is just amazing.

Image Source – Soompi Forum

List of Korean movies watched

I managed to make up a list with the movies and series watched so far:

  1. 200 Pounds Beauty – This movie is about a singer that struggles with an overweight body and insecurities. Hanna, the main character, to get rid of insecurities manages to get plastic surgery and assumes a new identity.
  2. My Sassy Girl – A college student (Tae-hyun Cha) becomes involved with a self-centered young woman (Ji-hyun Jun) who humiliates him at every turn. They end up being together and in love.
  3. My little bride – Korean romantic comedy has a first-year high school student forced into an arranged marriage with an older college student who is on the verge of graduating. This movie is more about realizing the important things in life and maturity.
  4. 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant – is a 2004 South Korean romantic comedy film, surprising love in the first years of life.
  5. Always – A former boxer turned parking lot attendant finds hope in the love of the blind telemarketer who walks into his working booth one day. A story about true love, attachment, and real-life encounters.
  6. Finding Mr. Destiny – is a 2010 South Korean romantic comedy starring Im Soo-jung and Gong Yoo. It is a film adaptation by playwright-turned-director Jang Yoo-jeong of her hit 2006 musical. The film was a medium box office hit in South Korea selling 1,113,285 tickets nationwide.
  7. My Tutor Friend – is a 2003 South Korean romantic comedy film starring Kim Ha-neul and Kwon Sang-woo. Unglamorous Su-wan is a sophomore in college who gets hired to tutor rich troublemaker Ji-hoon, who is repeating his senior year of high school for the third time.
  8. Boys over flowers – The story of Geum Jan-di, a normal girl who finds herself attending a prestigious private school after saving a student’s life. This is one of my favorite Korean dramas.
  9. Beautiful Mind – A Beautiful Mind is a South Korean television series starring Jang Hyuk, Park So-dam, Yoon Hyun-min, and Park Se-Young. This Korean Drama is very emotional and heartbreaking, and it tells the story of a world-renowned but unsympathetic neurosurgeon and his involvement with the mysterious deaths in the hospital he works in.

What are your favorite Korean Movies?

Image Source – Unsplash, Georgia

Questia – O noua platforma de sondaje online cu potential

Buna ziua, dragii mei! Astazi m-am decis sa va vorbesc despre o noua platforma de sondaje online testata cu ceva timp in urma de mine si anume, Questia.

Questia este o noua platforma de sondaje online ce realizeaza studii sociologice si de piata cu ajutorul membrilor platformei. Imi place aceasta platforma deoarece promoveaza exprimarea libera a opiniilor, nu promoveaza si nu vinde niciun produs.

Ca si la celelalte site-uri, plata pe sondaje se efectueaza prin intermediul punctelor ce sunt mai tarziu transformate in vouchere emag dar si prin tichete pentru tombola lunara.

Pentru fiecare sondaj la care participam primim un anumit numar de puncte, in functie de complexitatea acestuia. Majoritatea sondajelor variaza intre 5 și 30 de puncte, dar pentru unele din ele se pot acumula si tichete extra la tombola lunii.

Pentru a transforma punctele in tichete extra la tombola, avem nevoie de cel putin 200 de puncte acumulate pe Questia. 200 de puncte valorează 1 tichet extra, ceea ce inseamna o sansa in plus de castig la tombola lunii curente.

Tombola Questia se desfasoara in fiecare luna, in prima saptamana. Astfel, tichetele castigatoare la tombola sunt selectate printr-o extragere aleatoare prin platforma Questia. Astfel, tombola questia poate consta intr-un voucher de 50 de lei sau unul de 500 de lei Emag.

De asemenea, avem sansa de a ne modela viitorul prin a propune predictii prin sistemul Questia Predictor sau chiar prin a propune o intrebare zilnica, ce va fi ulterior aprobata si afisata pe platforma Questia.

Pana in prezent, ca si un nou membru al acestei platforme am reusit sa castig la tombola lunara Questia in octombrie si sa imi exprim opinia liber prin participarea la sondaje.

Voi ce parere aveti de platforma de sondaje online Questia?