Song of the day #100

Today I have chosen this live melody for my Song of The Day. I really like this song and I believe it won the right person! The song is amazing.


My acne story, advises and experience

Hello, my dear readers! So, as you might know from the previous posts I have suffered in the past of acne, it is a genetic issue, as my mother had skin problems as well in her early years.

I dealt with acne for most of my early years in college and high school, and at some point, I have to recognize I got used to my condition and tried to find better ways to simply fight through the pain.

As you might think it was not easy, especially at the beginning of the journey when it all started at 13 years old. The bullying, the looks and the strange feelings I had at that time were just unfair and depressing.

It’s been 11 years since all the incidents happened and to be frank, I like to believe I left them behind. I learned that having acne is not necessarily a disease but a condition that affects your whole being, not only the skin affected but the mind and heart as well.

Advises and lessons from my acne journey

You only You only have to not let it get to you so far, to take it as a lesson if you want, take what is best from it and simply move on. If you suffer from acne, as I did in the past you might say that I am wrong or that I am talking nonsense. That is not true, and you know it deep inside.

Yes, the world is harsh and judgmental, yes they do smile in your face and speak behind your back, yes people tend to hurt you at times, but that’s simply how life it is.

The first thing that you have to do in curing the acne problems is healing your mind. The negative thoughts and depression will not get you anywhere, if not worsen the situation. You have to get your shit together, be strong and simply ignore the gibberish people speak.

They don’t know you, they have no idea what you have been through and they don’t care. They simply find a subject that is amusing to them and keep syncing the knife into the wound, like a bad comedian in their shitty play.

So, how about you don’t care about them either? Focus on your mind, study more, investigate more about acne and ways that could get you healed in time. The time they lose in speaking nonsense about you will be the time you enhance your mind and find better ways of being yourself.

Think that your condition is only temporary and will heal in time, but the mean people will stay forever, and become more and more bitter in time, like a bottle of bad wine.

I remember from my condition that strangers used to stop me on the street, give me the advice to follow regarding my condition and find ways to comfort me. If you were me at that time you would probably hate them and wish to disappear.

And yes, to answer their questions a long time after that happened I have tried it all. Medicines, injections, pills, creams, face masks, face serums, oils, diets, and much other stuff together.

Only you know the struggle and sometimes and being a storyteller in front of an anonymous person is not the best answer to feeling better. It’s like you can see in their eyes the pity and the disgrace they feel for you, it’s horrible.

The fact that your loved ones try to care and protect you by treating the matter as if it is not something serious, it’s even worse. It’s like making a huge mess around the house and covering it with a newspaper. Like that’s going to solve anything!

Time brings you peace and healthiness

No matter how inpatient I used to be in my early years, no matter how hard I have tried to fasten up the process of skin healing that did not happen. People take time to heal, and so did I.

After a ton of money spent at the doctors, treatments, diets and numerous attempts to heal the skin, it finally happened. In time my bad breakouts stopped and my face returned to the way it used to be, step by step.

I learned that I have to be very careful at what I eat, at what products I am using for my sensitive skin and that I have to exercise, drink plenty of water and take good care of myself.

God gave me this cross to bear since childhood and I had to wear it on my shoulders until the end. I am not angry or mad at Him for what I have been through because I like the way I am.

Maybe if my skin was perfect I was full of misery on the inside, treating people badly and taking them for granted. I would not have been happy with myself.

When I see people like I used to be in the past, I don’t act like a bad comedian or give pieces of advice. I am aware of one’s struggle and understand the grief inside. I simply look them in the eyes and smile sincerely, wishing a great day.

A random act of kindness can be done without any money or expensive presents, just being true and kind can bring a whole lot of joy.

I am learning every day new tricks and remedies and have to recognize that by every day that passes my skin gets better and I feel happy and content with myself.

So, at the end of this very long post of mine, I want to address this post to people who have been through what I have been, to people who know and understand the feeling of being affected by acne.

Wherever you are, whatever struggle you are going through, you are not alone and somewhere, in this big world, there is a person that understands you and would kindly embrace you and tell you that you are perfect, just the way you are.

With love, Kate.

Image Source – Unsplash

Leapsa muzicala

Astazi am descoperit, tarziu din pacate, faptul ca am fost provocata la o leapsa muzicala. Dupa cum bine stiti, ascult muzica aproape in fiecare zi si ma regasesc pe multe stiluri de melodii. Trebuie sa admit ca nu am mai participat la mini-joculete pe blog pe note muzicale, dar voi incerca din tot sufletul sa dau tot ce pot inspre a raspunde cu interes provocarii.

Melodia aleasa pentru aceasta provocare, va poate fi familiara, deoarece interpretul Ash este din ce in ce mai cunoscut in ultima perioada datorita succesului adus de melodiile create. Mosaique este doar una dintre piesele mele de suflet, pe care o ascult in diverse perioade ale zile pentru a-mi linisti sufletul tulburat.

Provocarea dragei de Ioana, suna cam asa:

Postați o piesă muzicală care să nu facă parte din ceea ce numim în mod comun muzică și ascultăm de obicei la radio sau prin alte părți. Adică, să nu se încadreze nici la muzică ușoară românească, nici la muzică ușoară străină, nici la muzică populară românească, nici la muzică populară străină, nici la muzică clasică, nici la jazz, nici la rock, nici la house, nici la pop, nici manea să nu fie etc. O muzică non-standard, care v-a plăcut și pe care o recomandați și altora.

Dați leapșa mai departe la exact 3 blogări, pe care va trebui să-i menționați explicit, prin nume sau pseudonim. Deci fără „această leapșă poate fi preluată de X, Y, Z și de toți cei care mai doresc”, trebuie să alegeți în mod clar și explicit 3.

Pasez leapsa muzicala catre dragele mele bloggerite pe care le citesc cu drag mereu si anume Aura , Poteci de dor si Diana. Mult success!