Song of the day #94

Snowflakes – Olivia Holt

Some people spend their whole life in the clouds
Some ride the wind and never hit the ground
Some will shine like diamonds in the sun
Heaven sent down each and every one

We are snowflakes
Floating till we find our place
From a distance we may look the same,
But we’re beautiful in our own way
We are snowflakes

Will I sparkle, will I drift or will I dance
Will I melt when I touch anothers hand
Will I look for my mistakes when I fall
And remember when I get to feeling small

We are snowflakes
Floating till we find our place
From a distance we may look the same,
But we’re beautiful in our own way
We are snowflakes

And all I can do is do my best
Is what is that makes me different from the rest
And I for one,
With nothing less

We are snowflakes,
Floating till we find our place
From a distance we may look the same,
But we’re beautiful in our own way
We are snowflakes
Oh, yeah snowflakes

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Review Clinique 3 steps

Hello, my dearest ones!

Lately I have received advice from friends and acquaintances regarding Clinique cosmetics. Knowing myself with a sensitive skin prone to acne and blemishes, I told myself that there is nothing wrong with trying.

Given that I work near a mall, I considered the Sephora store for more details. The store staff was very nice and able to answer all my questions about these products.

From the store I was recommended for the beginning, to see how the skin behaves with the products a small skin care kit containing the following: 50 ml facial liquid soap, 100 ml cleansing tonic liquid and a 30 ml moisturizing emulsion .

The set of products costs 150 lei purchased directly from the Sephora store, but considering that it was the Black Friday period, I managed to find the set at a better price from the Elephant, at 90 lei.

I started using the products immediately after I recovered the parcel from the courier, being curious about the results from the first day.

I. Liquid Cleansing Soap – Cleansing soap is one of the best products tried so far, because it is a light, water soluble and gentle skin product.

It removes makeup easily, removing the foundation and cosmetics right from the first try. It does not irritate or dry the skin, leaving a pleasant smell after use.

II. Tonic Cleansing Liquid – Tonic Cleansing Liquid is the second step in the facial care ritual, representing an exfoliating lotion. It contains alcohol and witch hazel that reduces healing during the healing process and smooths the skin around the affected area.

III. Moisturizing emulsion – Moisturizing emulsion has the texture of a lotion, is lightweight and has been rapidly absorbed by the skin. This product has no oils and hydrates the skin deeply, leaving the skin soft and luminous.

Opinions about Clinique 3 steps products

Overall, I am satisfied with these cleaning products. It does not treat the affected skin in depth, but it keeps the skin clean and less prone to acne, acting gentle on imperfections and external agents.

In order for the products to have an effect on the skin, they must be used together as recommended even in the name. Used daily, under normal conditions it helps to improve the quality of the skin, giving a fresh and youthful skin, without problems.

What is your experience with Clinique products?

Recenzie produse Clinique 3 steps

Buna ziua, dragilor!

In ultima perioada am primit sfaturi de la prieteni si cunostinte cu privire la produsele cosmetice Clinique. Stiindu-ma cu un ten sensibil si predispus la acnee si imperfectiuni mi-am zis ca nu este nimic gresit in a incerca.

Avand in vedere faptul ca lucrez aproape de un centru comercial, am luat in considerare magazinul Sephora pentru mai multe detalii. Personalul magazinului a fost foarte dragut si in masura sa imi raspunda la toate intrebarile cu privire la aceste produse.

Din magazin mi-a fost recomandat pentru inceput, pentru a observa cum se comporta pielea cu produsele un mic kit de ingrijire a tenului ce contine urmatoarele: sapun lichid facial 50 ml, lichid tonic de curatare 100 ml si o emulsie hidratanta de 30 de ml.

Setul de produse costa 150 de lei achizitionat direct din magazinul Sephora, insa avand in vedere ca a fost perioada de Black Friday am reusit sa gasesc setul la un pret mai bun de pe Elefant, la 90 de lei.

Am inceput sa utilizez produsele chiar imediat dupa ce am recuperat coletul de la curier, fiind curioasa de rezultate chiar din prima zi.

I. Sapunul lichid de curatare Sapunul de curatare este unul dintre cele mai bune produse incercate pana in prezent, datorita faptului ca este un produs usor, solubil in apa si bland cu pielea.

Acesta indeparteaza machiajul cu usurinta, indepartand fondul de ten si produsele cosmetice chiar din prima incercare. Nu irita sau usuca pielea, lasand un miros placut dupa utilizare.

II. Lichidul tonic de curatare – Lichidul tonic de curatare reprezinta pasul al doilea din ritualul de ingrijire a fetei, reprezentand o lotiune exfolianta. Acesta contine alcool si hamamelis (witch hazel) ce reduce cicatrizarea in timpul procesului de vindecare si uniformizeaza pielea din jurul zonei afectate.

III. Emulsia hidratanta – Emulsia hidratanta are textura unei lotiuni, este usoara si a fost absorbita rapid de piele. Acest produs nu are uleiuri si hidrateaza pielea in profunzime, lasand tenul catifelat si luminos.

Pareri despre produsele Clinique 3 steps

Per total, ma declar multumita de aceste produse de curatare. Nu trateaza in profunzime pielea afectata dar pastreaza tenul curat si mai putin predispus la acnee, actionand bland asupra imperfectiunilor si agentilor externi.

Pentru ca produsele sa isi faca efectul asupra pielii, trebuie folosite impreuna precum este recomandat chiar si din denumire. Utilizat in fiecare zi, in regim normal ajuta la imbunatatirea calitatii pielii conferind un ten proaspat si tanar, fara probleme.

Voi ce parere aveti de produsele Clinique?

Back to blogging, time management

Hello, dear readers. It’s been again a while since I have not been writing anything at all… and it is not necessarily because I did not wanted this to happen, but because that was the way things went.

I believe I forgot to enjoy life and it’s small pleasures, always heading out to work and always worrying about life in general, in this crazy world.

All I can feel is cold weather and harsh wind, I leave at work in the morning in the dark light and return back on the dark light as well. It all has begun to look like a gray routine that keeps on playing the same song, over and over again.

Lately I arrived at the conclusion that we can’t really know exactly how time passes by, in a few days winter will be here. Or, basically it should have already arrived, today it is 1 December.

Every day accompanied by a new journey, new steps, new resolutions but in fact just rushing the time in a very rude manner. Sometimes I just wonder, time is not affected by the way we keep pushing it around?

Requesting more and more, exhausting every single minute and second, just to live a little. But do we really live this time or we just take advantage, without really making anything great out of it?

Short letter to you, dear time

Dear time, if you hear me, make sure you forgive me. I believe that lately I have been your worst enemy, and I have used you more that I should have.

I promise you that in the near future I will give you the opportunity to breathe and take things slowly. I only have one request, make sure you will remember me again the true meaning of living in the moment, and allow me to enjoy your every tic-tac sound.

See you around!

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