Back to blogging, time management

Hello, dear readers. It’s been again a while since I have not been writing anything at all… and it is not necessarily because I did not wanted this to happen, but because that was the way things went.

I believe I forgot to enjoy life and it’s small pleasures, always heading out to work and always worrying about life in general, in this crazy world.

All I can feel is cold weather and harsh wind, I leave at work in the morning in the dark light and return back on the dark light as well. It all has begun to look like a gray routine that keeps on playing the same song, over and over again.

Lately I arrived at the conclusion that we can’t really know exactly how time passes by, in a few days winter will be here. Or, basically it should have already arrived, today it is 1 December.

Every day accompanied by a new journey, new steps, new resolutions but in fact just rushing the time in a very rude manner. Sometimes I just wonder, time is not affected by the way we keep pushing it around?

Requesting more and more, exhausting every single minute and second, just to live a little. But do we really live this time or we just take advantage, without really making anything great out of it?

Short letter to you, dear time

Dear time, if you hear me, make sure you forgive me. I believe that lately I have been your worst enemy, and I have used you more that I should have.

I promise you that in the near future I will give you the opportunity to breathe and take things slowly. I only have one request, make sure you will remember me again the true meaning of living in the moment, and allow me to enjoy your every tic-tac sound.

See you around!

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13 gânduri despre „Back to blogging, time management”

  1. Așa ar trebui să ne reproșăm toti pentru că ne certăm cu timpul, pentru că îl privim ca pe un dușman, măcar că pe planeta noastra timpul trece foarte lent ceea ce ar fi trebuit să fim mulțumitori cu el pentru că are atâta răbdare cu noi, nu ?
    Îți respect hotărârea, dar sa mai vi din când în când cu gânduri pe la noi !

    Un decembrie frumos și o iarna blândă să avem !!!

  2. It is my pleasure to back for blogging, You are so cute and have good ideas in writing good.
    Just you feel you are under high pressure daily because of your serious job and not enjoy your life well.
    You need only to add new activities which you like them so much to make life be happier.
    Again I invite you to visit London soon and I will host you .

    Have a great day there .


  3. Yes,the biting cold of winter is back yet the show must go on so you are trying to keep things in right order despite shortage of free time.That’s the way everyone is doing so don’t worry ,the good news is that you haven’t forgotten us.Thanks a lot for sharing. 🌹🙏

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