Song of the day #80

I thought sooner or later
The lights up above
Will come down in circles and guide me to love
But I don’t know what’s right for me
I cannot see straight
I’ve been here too long and I don’t want to wait for it
Fly like a cannonball, straight to my soul
Tear me to pieces
And make me feel whole
I’m willing to fight for it and carry this weight
But with every step
I keep questioning what it’s true


Another soul has passed away…

In this short life we ​​meet special people, wonderful people who bring an extra color and cheerfulness, which refreshes the day’s living.

In fact, I am talking about our grandparents. After my beloved grandparents died I turned my affection towards my husband’s grandparents, who, like mine, were good people with holy and righteous souls.

I think grandparents, wherever they are or live, are the same. Love and respect for grandparents everywhere should be similar to ours.

Grandparents …

I’m talking about those people who have grown generations and generations, who have lived long enough to be able to tell storied to the grandchildren with longing and passion for those gray times.

Those people who knew the true meaning of the word „work”, working from dawn to night, without pause and fatigue, together for family and well-being.

Those dear souls who dedicated their lives to work in the country, who loved the work and the riches of the earth given from the God to their last breath.

Those who spent decades at each other’s arm, enjoying together good days and bad days. Those people who did not say goodbye after the first fight, but who shyly smiled after a few moments of silence, shook their arms and continued the journey of life as a whole.

Those people who enjoyed the first cup of coffee on the brink of the morning, sipping uneasily and discussing together about family, neighbors and life.

Those who have not been estranged from their marriage for years, have proved that as a Phoenix bird, marriage must come back to life at all times, despite all the unfavorable circumstances.

Those people who loved the Church and the word of the Lord, who followed the rules of the village group, fasting whole fastings, loving life without sin.

A few good-bye words …

Yesterday I drove a person dear to me and my family, my husband grandmother on the last road. A gentle, calm and calculated woman, a woman who loves family and good people, a wonderful woman.

Heaven wept for her departure from this world, warming the whole village in a sea of ​​cold and acid tears. People from the village, relatives, friends and acquaintances all gathered to take us on the last road our grandma, as we know or dear Aurica.

She went to be with the one she loved all her life, with the partner she spent her whole life with. Step by step, prayer by prayer, we went to the place of eternity, as usual in a cart drawn by horses, through mud and unpaved road.

Although the world was screaming and crying for her departure, Grandma would no longer respond as before, with her body immobilized and hard, trapped in the wooden coffin. Only the sky was responding to the reactions of those around her, wiping hot  and longing tears.

Now the family is poorer without the two beloved members, grandmother and grandfather. There will be no one at the country who will meet us at the gate with the words: „Hey, my dear nephews” or „Grandma’s babies”. No one will make us chicken soup as only my grandmother knew how to make, steak or other goodies.

They will remain in our souls and in our memory, those two wonderful people who made our childhood more beautiful, who taught us and brought us on the right path in life. At the end of the day we are thankful to the Lord that he enriched our lives with such beautiful people, we were fortunate that we had them.

Goodbye, dear souls! Rest in peace!


(Image Source – Unsplash)

S-a mai stins un suflet…

In viata aceasta scurta cunoastem persoane speciale, deosebite care aduc un plus de culoare si veselie, care improspateaza trairea zilei.

Ma refer de fapt, la bunici. Dupa ce dragii mei bunici au decedat mi-am indreptat afectiunea catre bunicii sotului meu, care la fel ca si ai mei, au fost oameni buni cu suflet sfant si drept.

Sunt de parere ca bunicii, de oriunde ar fi sau trai, sunt aceeiasi. Dragostea si respectul catre bunicii de pretutindeni ar trebui sa fie similara ca cea pentru ai nostri.


Vorbesc despre acele persoane care au crescut generatii si generatii, care au trait indestul de mult incat sa poata povesti nepotilor cu dor si patima de acele vremuri gri.

Acele persoane care au cunoscut adevaratul sens al cuvantului „a munci”, tragand din zori si pana noapte, fara pauza si oboseala, impreuna pentru familie si bunastare.

Acelor suflete dragi care si-au dedicat viata muncii la tara, care au iubit truda si bogatiile pamantului daruite de la bunul Dumnezeu pana la ultima suflare.

Cei care si-au petrecut decenii intregi unul la bratul celuilalt, bucurandu-se impreuna de zile bune si zile rele. Acele persoane care nu si-au spus ramas bun dupa prima cearta, ci care si-au zambit timid dupa cateva momente de tacere, s-au luat in brate si au continuat calatoria vietii ca un tot unitar.

Acele persoane care se bucurau de prima ceasca de cafea in pragul diminetii, sorbind cu nesat si discutand impreuna despre familie, vecini si viata.

Cei care nu s-au ofilit dupa ani intregi de casnicie ci au dovedit ca precum o pasare Phoenix mariajul trebuie sa reinvie in fiecare moment al vietii, in ciuda tuturor imprejurarilor nefavorabile.

Acele persoane care au iubit Biserica si cuvantul Domnului, care au urmat regulile grupului din sat, postind posturi intregi, iubind viata fara de pacat.

Cateva cuvinte de ramas bun…

Ieri am condus pe ultimul drum o persoana draga mie si familiei, pe bunica sotului meu. O femeie blanda, calma si calculata, o femeie iubitoare de familie si oameni buni, o femeie minunata.

Cerul a plans plecarea ei din aceasta lume, scaldand tot satul intr-o mare de lacrimi reci si acide. Oamenii veniti din sat, rude, prieteni si cunoscuti cu totii ne-am adunat pentru a o conduce pe ultimul drum pe bunica, cum o stim noi sau pe draga Aurica.

Ea a mers sa fie intr-un final impreuna cu cel pe care l-a iubit toata viata ei, cu partenerul alaturi de care si-a petrecut toata viata. Pas cu pas, rugaciune cu rugaciune, ne indreptam catre locul de veci, cum este datina intr-o caruta trasa de cai, prin noroi si drum neasfaltat.

Desi lumea striga si plangea plecarea ei, Bunica nu mai raspundea ca odinioara, avand trupul inmarmurit si greu, prins in cosciugul de lemn. Doar cerul raspundea la reactiile celor din jur, stergand lacrimi calde si pline de dor.

Acum familia este mai saraca fara cei doi membri iubiti, bunica si bunicul. Nu va mai fi nimeni la tara care sa ne intampine la poarta cu cuvintele: „Eei, dragii bunicului” sau „Puii mamii dragi”. Nu ne va mai face nimeni bors de pui cum doar bunica stia sa faca, friptura sau alte bunataturi.

Ne vor ramane in suflet si in amintire, acele doua persoane minunate care ne-au facut copilaria mai frumoasa, care ne-au invatat si ne-au adus pe calea cea buna in viata. La sfarsitul zilei suntem recunoscatori Domnului ca ne-a imbogatit viata cu asa persoane frumoase, am fost norocosi ca i-am avut.

Ramas bun, suflete dragi! Odihniti-va in pace!


(Sursa Imaginii – Unsplash)