Tuesday in a few rows…

The time seems to pass, wounds seem to heal. Slowly but sure I tend to become a better version of myself, learning to laugh again, trying to trust new people and just believing in the future.

I am somehow scared though of doing the things I did before what happened and I am gaining loss of heart, loss of myself. Its like I am becoming a new person, but with different comportment and ideology.

But I am always eager to live in the now and move on. My heart skips a beat sometimes when it should not, and it is not proper to the moment or the situation.

I feel like I am drunk, nor I feel the hardness of things, nor the pressure of today. It’s just a foggy present in which I am laughing like a fool, smiling at unknown people and ignoring the weird reality.

But is this me? Am I wrong though? Am I feeling the right things… and if not what should be the right things to feel? I just don’t feel like I know anything anymore.

All I know though is that I am floating in deep seas, along with several strangers. Will the next journey be successful or will I encounter another storm? Only future will tell.


(Image Source – Unsplash)

16 gânduri despre „Tuesday in a few rows…”

  1. you are a strong person and you will be able to pass even after this difficult, but above all do not be afraid to change (which sometimes is also a good thing)…
    take care of yourself

  2. Fiecare lucru se întâmplă cu un scop, lucru pe care nu îl vedem in momentul in care se întâmplă, ci mai târziu sau poate niciodată, dar in opinia mea este nevoie să invatam sa ne ridicam, pentru că tot ceea ce trăim ne poate doborî sau ne face mai puternici. Noi alegem!
    O zi frumoasă in fiecare zi!

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