Tuesday in a few rows…

The time seems to pass, wounds seem to heal. Slowly but sure I tend to become a better version of myself, learning to laugh again, trying to trust new people and just believing in the future.

I am somehow scared though of doing the things I did before what happened and I am gaining loss of heart, loss of myself. Its like I am becoming a new person, but with different comportment and ideology.

But I am always eager to live in the now and move on. My heart skips a beat sometimes when it should not, and it is not proper to the moment or the situation.

I feel like I am drunk, nor I feel the hardness of things, nor the pressure of today. It’s just a foggy present in which I am laughing like a fool, smiling at unknown people and ignoring the weird reality.

But is this me? Am I wrong though? Am I feeling the right things… and if not what should be the right things to feel? I just don’t feel like I know anything anymore.

All I know though is that I am floating in deep seas, along with several strangers. Will the next journey be successful or will I encounter another storm? Only future will tell.


(Image Source – Unsplash)