Song of the day #52

Jenebo – Home – Lyrics
When the road ahead seems long
And I wonder where to go
How could it all go so wrong
It doesn’t feel the same now when you are gone
Did you find your place does it feel like home?
We traveled different roads, where do I belong?
Heaven on my mind, heavy in my chest
I need to find a place for my head to rest
Somewhere to go, where I feel
I feel, I feel, I feel
Where I feel home
Will it be easier down the road
I thinking about you as I go
On my knees I beg you please
Can you come back and be with me?
Did you find your place does it feel like home?
We traveled different roads, where do I belong
Heaven on my mind, heavy in my chest
I need to find a place for my head to rest
Somewhere to go where I feel
I feel, I feel, I feel
Where I feel home
Where I feel home
Where I feel home
Walk these miles with my bare feet
Up the hills over the fields
Carry the burden of this grief
I feel old but I was told
That someday I’ll find my

How to overcome fatigue accumulated during the week

Today, 4/18/2019, on Thursday I declare that I feel tired. Last week was extremely crowded, and on the weekend I worked and this week seems to be just as busy.At one point, in the middle of the week, I had the impression that I was pulling with all my strength to resist and face the challenges of every new day. But I never did it with the „charged” batteries. Thus, small mistakes have squeezed both in work and at home.

The most important thing is that I have learned to be perseverant and to treat every new aspect of my life. I have learned from mistakes and gradually build a new I every day, in a better way, despite all the obstacles from the outside, from nowhere.

Today, I thought it would be important to share with you, dear readers, some ideas and tips on how we could cope with the tiredness over the week.

In order to be able to recover our energy and daily activity we need to respect a few simple elements:

1. Nourishment

Everyday food has to be chosen according to the needs of the body, otherwise if we feel tired, then our interior is equally affected.

It is important to avoid large amounts of carbohydrates, especially unhealthy carbohydrates in sweets. Existing carbohydrates in sweets increase and then lower blood sugar, producing mood swings and fatigue.

But that does not mean we have to avoid carbohydrates altogether, because they are responsible for increasing serotonin levels (serotonin increases the level of well-being in the body). Thus, it is advisable to replace unhealthy carbohydrates with various healthy vegetables, fresh fruits or even cereals.

Also a good source of energy and vitality are the oil. Hazelnuts, caju, almonds are rich in protein and magnesium. The absence of magnesium in the body can lead to fatigue.

Selenium Complex, Omega 3, Magnesium and Vitamin B12 – are real adjutants in combating fatigue and lack of energy. From the meat category we recommend: pork meat (rich in tyrosine), fish meat (rich in Omega 3). A need for 20-25 g of fiber is needed every day.

Hydration on time – is very important in combating fatigue, as dehydration causes fatigue. Therefore, it is important to properly hydrate each day, respecting the average of 2.5 L of water.

Black chocolate – A square of dark chocolate in a snack increases the level of energy and good mood. Cocoa beans contain caffeine and theobromine (a caffeine-like compound).

2. Coffee
Coffee is the most recommended drink to combat fatigue. I do not know how it works for other people, but to me, short-term 🙂. Caffeine increases metabolism for the moment and improves concentration. So a coffee drank at different intervals of the day will help us maintain concentration and will prompt us to be alerted for a longer period of time.3. Passion for exercise

People who know me may admit that I’m joking. Seating at work for 8-9 hours a day and accumulated fatigue impedes the will to move. But, however, we have to try. It is important to get out of the chair once in a few hours, to let ourselves out with a few exercises, to go out to clean air to oxygenate our brains.

We have to practice at least 1 hour / 30 minutes a day of exercise during our free time. I recommend back exercises especially for people who work in the office and stay with their backs bent more and more. Also, exercises for hands and feet are important for a better posture and for improving blood circulation in the body. Even a quarter-hour walk is a step forward for a healthy life.

4. Rest
Specialists recommend 8 hours a day for sleep. Working in night shifts and arriving at a late hour at home can interfere with your regular rest. Thus, chances are either to sleep more than 8 hours, or not to sleep for 5 hours.Regardless of work schedule, rest periods must be strictly observed. In order to be able to focus throughout the day, in order to be productive and positively charged, we need to rest properly.


Respecting everyday rest, healthy eating, hydrating and moving, we will be able to fight against so much fatigue and keep ourselves healthy and energetic. A healthy body maintains with a healthy, well-thought-out and well-established program.

I consider that the formula of Iuvenal: „Mens sana in corpore sano” applies very well in this article. So, dear readers, let’s keep a healthy mind in a healthy body!

All the pictures used in this article can be located on Unsplash.

Cum sa combati oboseala acumulata in timpul saptamanii

Astazi, 4/18/2019, joi declar din tot sufletul ca ma simt obosita. Saptamana trecuta a fost extrem de aglomerata, in weekend am lucrat si saptamana aceasta pare a fi la fel de incarcata.

La un moment dat, la mijlocul saptamanii am avut impresia ca trag de mine cu toate puterile pentru a rezista si a face fata provocarilor fiecarei noi zile. Insa niciodata nu o faceam cu „bateriile” incarcate la maxim. Astfel, mici greseli s-au strecurat atat in activitatea de la serviciu cat si in cea de acasa.

Lucrul cel mai important este ca am invatat sa fiu perseverenta si sa tratez cu importanta fiecare aspect nou din viata mea. Am invatat din greseli si treptat, construiesc in fiecare zi, o noua eu, intr-o varianta mai buna in ciuda tuturor piedicilor aparute din extern, de nicaieri.

Astazi, m-am gandit ca ar fi important sa impartasesc cu voi, dragi cititori, cateva idei si sfaturi despre cum am putea sa facem fata oboselii acumulate de peste saptamana.

Pentru a ne putea recupera energia si cheful de activitate zilnica avem nevoie sa respectam cateva elemente simple:

1. Alimentatia

Mancarea cea de toate zilele trebuie sa fie aleasa conform nevoilor organismului, or daca noi ne simtim obositi, atunci si interiorul nostru este la fel de afectat.

Este important sa evitam cantitatile mari de carbohidrati, in special carbohidratii nesanatosi aflati in dulciuri. Carbohidratii existenti in dulciuri cresc si apoi scad nivelul de zahar din sange, producand schimbari de dispozitie si oboseala.

Dar asta nu inseamna ca trebuie sa evitam cu totul carbohidratii, deoarece ei sunt responsabili de cresterea nivelului de serotonina (serotonina creste nivelul starii de bine in organism). Astfel, este indicat sa inlocuim carbohidratii nesanatosi cu variate legume sanatoase, fructe proaspete sau chiar cereale.

De asemenea, o sursa buna de energie si vitalitate sunt si oleaginoasele. Alunele de padure, caju, migdalele sunt bogate in proteine si magneziu. Absenta magneziului din organism poate conduce la oboseala.

Complexul de Seleniu, Omega 3, Magneziu si Vitamina B12 – sunt adevarati adjuvanti in combaterea oboselii si a lipsei de energie. Din categoria carnurilor se recomanda: carne slaba de porc (bogata in tirozina), carne slaba de peste (bogata in Omega 3). Un necesar de fibre de 20-25 g sunt necesare in fiecare zi.

Hidratarea la timp – este foarte importanta in combaterea oboselii, deoarece deshidratarea provoaca oboseala. Asadar, este important sa ne hidratam corespunzator in fiecare zi, respectand media de 2.5 L de apa.

Ciocolata neagra – Un patratel de ciocolata neagra in cadrul unei gustari creste nivelul de energie si buna dispozitie. Boabele de cacao contin cofeina si teobromina (un compus cu actiune asemanatoare cofeinei).


2. Cafeaua

Cafeaua este bautura cea mai recomandata pentru combaterea oboselii. Nu stiu cum functioneaza la alte persoane, dar la mine, pe termen scurt 🙂 . Cafeina creste pe moment metabolismul si imbunatateste capacitatea de concentrare. Asadar, o cafea bauta in diferite intervale ale zilei ne vor ajuta la mentinerea concentrarii si ne vor impulsiona sa stam alerti o perioada mai indelungata de timp.

3. Pofta de miscare si exercitiu fizic

Persoanele care ma cunosc ar putea admite ca glumesc. Statul pe scaun la serviciu timp de 8-9 ore pe zi si oboseala acumulata impiedica vointa de a face miscare. Dar, cu toate astea, trebuie sa incercam. Este important sa ne ridicam de pe scaun odata la cateva ore, sa ne dezmortim cu cateva exercitii, sa iesim la aer curat pentru a ne oxigena creierul.

Trebuie sa practicam macar 1 ora/ 30 de minute pe zi de exercitiu fizic in timpul nostru liber. Recomand exercitiile pentru spate in special pentru persoanele ce muncesc la birou si stau cu spatele incovoiat mai mereu. De asemenea, exercitiile pentru maini si picioare sunt importante pentru o postura mai buna si pentru imbunatatirea circulatiei sangelui in organism. Pana si o plimbare de un sfert de ora este un pas inainte pentru o viata sanatoasa.


4. Odihna

Medicii specialisti recomanda 8 ore pe zi de somn. Lucrul in ture de noapte si sosirea acasa la o ora tarzie poate interveni in respectarea programului de odihna obisnuit. Astfel, sansele sunt ca ori sa dormi mai mult de 8 ore, ori sa nu dormi nici 5 ore.

Indiferent de orarul de la serviciu, orele de odihna trebuie respectate cu strictete. Pentru a ne putea concentra pe parcursul zilei, pentru a putea fi productivi si incarcati cu energie pozitiva trebuie sa ne odihnim corespunzator.


Respectand in fiecare zi orele de odihna, o alimentatie sanatoasa, hidratandu-ne si efectuand miscare vom reusi sa luptam impotriva oboselii atat de intense si sa ne mentinem sanatosi si energici. Un organism sanatos se mentine cu ajutorul unui program sanatos, bine gandit si pus la punct.

Consider ca formula lui Iuvenal: „Mens sana in corpore sano” se aplica foarte bine in cadrul acestui articol. Asadar, dragi cititori, haideti sa ne pastram o minte sanatoasa intr-un corp sanatos!


Sursa tuturor imaginilor din acest articol: Unsplash.