Song of the day 56#

This Is The Life – Amy Macdonald
Oh the wind whistles down
The cold dark street tonight
And the people they were dancing
To the music vibe
And the boys chase the girls, with curls in their hair
While the shocked too many sit way over there
And the songs get louder each one better than before
And you singing the song thinking this is the life
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size
Where you gonna go, where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight?
And you singing the song thinking this is the life
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size
Where you gonna go, where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight?
Where you gonna sleep tonight
So you’re heading down the road in your taxi for 4
And you’re waiting outside jimmy’s front door
But nobody’s in and nobody’s home till 4
So you’re sitting there with nothing to do
Talking about Robert Ragger and his 1 leg crew
And where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight?
And you singing the song thinking this is the life
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the sizeWhere you gonna go, where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight?
And you singing the song thinking this is the life
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size
Where you gonna go, where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight?
Where you gonna sleep tonight
And you singing the song thinking this is the life
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size
Where you gonna go, where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight?
And you singing the song thinking this is the life
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size
Where you gonna go, where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight?
And you singing the song thinking this is the life
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size
Where you gonna go, where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight?
And you singing the song thinking this is the life
And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size
Where you gonna go, where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight?
Where you gonna sleep tonight

Scrisoare catre tine, strain nenorocit/ Letter to you, rascal stranger

Tu, strainule ce ma privesti urat din departare, ce treaba ai cu mine?! M-ai cunoscut cumva, vreodata in viata asta sau ai auzit de mine poate?

Nu imi amintesc sa te fi zarit vreodata in pasii mei, nici macar pentru o clipa, nici macar pentru o secunda. Si totusi, imi vine greu sa te vad, la cativa metri distanta scrutand priviri ucigatoare in aer.

Poate pe fata-mi obosita o sa vezi un zambet scurt si timid. Tu, strainule, niciodata nu o sa stii ce dureri se ascund in spatele zambetului, ce trairi, ce suferinte si ce necazuri am intalnit pana acum, si chiar astazi. La tine, totul e relativ, si ochii tai judecatori nu cunosc mila sau blandetea.

Iti place sa imi analizezi portul si stilul vestimentar, sa examinezi fiecare element in parte. De sus pana jos, categorizezi totul drept infim si lipsit de stil sau eleganta. Stil pe care, o fata obisnuita ca mine, il poate considera placut si modest, potrivit pentru o zi la birou, insa tu nu il intelegi. Iti citesc in ochii cenusii si tulburi dispretul si lipsa de interes.

Ma urmaresti cercetator prin mijlocul de transport in timp ce discut cu o simpla taxatoare in varsta, in timp ce respect regulile de buna maniera, spunandu-i un simplu dar sincer noapte buna. Cum ai putea tu sa te cobori vreodata la inaltimea unei persoane ce nu iti impartaseste idealurile si scopurile impertinente? La o persoana mediocra in comparatie cu tine?

Tu esti o persoana rece si inefabila ce nu va putea vreodata cunoaste alte realitati, in afara de cele ingradite de propria gandire ingusta si lipsita de idealuri. Ma urasti din simplul motiv pentru ca te regasesti in mine, in zambetul sincer si lipsit de interes, in inocenta din glas si linistea din privire.

Aflandu-ne in acelasi mijloc de transport, statia decide destinatia astfel ca la coborare tot simpli pietoni ai vietii suntem, captivi intr-un orasel mic si lipsit de importanta. Tu, la fel ca si mine, esti un simplu trecator, doar ca ai sufletul incarcat de ura si dusmanie, inversunat pe necunoscut si esti captiv in propria lume.

Pentru tine, strain nenorocit, nu am nimic astazi. Nu am zambete, nu am incruntari, nu am furie… ci doar indiferenta.

English version

You, stranger, why do you look bad at me, what do you have with me ?! Did you ever meet me, ever in this life or you heard of me maybe?

I do not remember seeing you in my footsteps, not even for a moment, not even for a second. And yet, it’s hard for me to see you, a few yards away, looking at me with those killing eyes in the air.

Perhaps my tired face will show a short and shy smile. You, stranger, will never know what pains are hiding behind the smile, the living and the troubles I have encountered so far, even today. To you, everything is relative, and your judge do not know mercy or gentleness.

You like to look at my port and style, examine each item. From top to bottom, you categorize everything as infinite and lacking style or elegance. A style that, like a regular girl like me, can find it pleasant and modest, suitable for a day in the office, but you do not understand it. I read in your eyes gray and troubled contempt and lack of interest.

You are following me with your eyes through the means of transport while talking with a simple old taxpayer, while respecting the rules of good manners, telling her a simple but sincere good night. How can you ever descend to the height of a person who does not share your impertinent ideals and goals? To a mediocre person compared to you?

You are a cold and ineffectual person who can never know other realities, apart from those inherent in your own narrow and lacking ideals. You hate me for the simple reason that you find yourself in me, in the sincere and unkempt smile, in the innocence of my voice and the silence of my gaze.

By the same means of transport, the station decides the destination so that when descending all the simple pedestrians of life we ​​are trapped in a small and irrelevant town. You, just like me, are a passerby, only that you have a soul filled with hatred and anger, you invade the unknown and you are captive in your own world.

For you, miserable stranger, I have nothing today. I don’t have a smile, I do not have anger, I do not have anything … but just indifference.


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How to keep calm in stressful situations

Lately, the situations around me have been extremely stressful both at work and at home. So, in a short time, I came to become from a calm and extremely patient person, to an agitated one, anxious and ready to attack in the second two.

Now, since it is Saturday, a day of relaxation and rest before next week before Easter, I set out to make a change. I will focus on changing behaviors and reducing the vibrant stress that set in the last period.

Today I want to share with you, my dear readers, some of the methods I want to address in avoiding stress and keeping more calm as I possible can.


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What is stress?

Dex define: STRESS, stresses, (Med.) General term used for any environmental factor (trauma, emotion, cold, heat, etc.) capable of causing a state of tension and a reaction to the human, sometimes causing serious illnesses; p. ext. an unfavorable effect on the body of the beings by an environmental factor.

How to keep calm in stressful situations?

The fact that we are in a constant hurry to quench our energy. Work, everyday routine and unexpected situations make our patience and calm to the test, overwhelming us. Therefore, several important steps that we must follow in this case are:

Breathe and Expire. Breathe and expire deep 5 times. Imagine how all the tension disappears from your body after each expiration and smiles.
Relax. After the breath / expiration process, analyze your body and identify exactly which areas are embedded and tense. Slowly massage the affected areas and imagine yourself in a place that could calm you down: at the beach, in the mountains or even in a hot tub with water.
Do not get attached, just give up. As strange as it may seem, giving up a stressful situation is very often, indicated. Stressing and worrying will not improve the situation because you are already involved in the act. So keep your head up and give up, simply say No.
If you have a great goal, divide it into small successes. Always focusing on the end result can become exhausting because it takes a lot of time and patience. Stop focusing on negative thoughts. Being able to give you positive feedback will help you grow in patience, courage and find more joy in fulfilling a goal.
What would someone else do in this situation? Another way to avoid stress is to imagine what another person would do in this situation. Just ask yourself, what would „Z” do in this situation? „Z” can be anyone, your favorite hero from the last book read, the character most adored from a movie or even at some point in your life. Because „YOU” are strong.
Look at the picture as a whole. When you find yourself in a stressful situation, stop, breathe deeply. Ask yourself if you lose your temper now, this will still matter: next week, next month, over the next 10 years? The answer, you know it too, I know it, it will not matter to you! What’s the point of agonizing in a passenger pain that we probably will not remember next week?
Do not ask for the impossible! No one is perfect and it’s okay. Perfection has never existed, nor will it exist. Asking perfection from a person and even from you is stressful and impossible.
Put your patience to the test every day. You may be laughing because every day patience is being challenged by external factors. Why would we try to gamble with our luck? The answer is simple. As we practice, our patience will become more malleable and we will be able to react differently to the unknown, without stress and nerves, only with calm and perseverance.
Be present in TODAY. When you have many things to do and need to be active 24/24, both at work and at home, do not overstretch your thoughts and energy on tomorrow. You live today, you are present today in the actions today and that’s it. Because tomorrow will come anyway, and it does not make sense to think today for tomorrow and tomorrow for today.
Take care of yourself, and listen to your thoughts frequently. Around us, we are attacked everywhere in every direction, and in some cases there is no one around to give us the sense of comfort and safety. Plan more to take care of yourself. Respect your thoughts and desires, love yourself. If you love yourself enough then other persons will do it too.

Remember, dear reader, you are the sky… the rest of the things that are happening are only part of the weather.


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Cum sa iti pastrezi calmul in situatii stresante

In ultima vreme, situatiile intalnite din jurul meu au fost extrem de stresante atat la serviciu cat si acasa. Astfel, in scurt timp, am ajuns de la o persoana calma si extrem de rabdatoare, la o persoana agitata, nerabdatoare si pregatita de atac in secunda doi.

Acum, dat fiind ca este duminica, o zi de relaxare si odihna inaintea saptamanii viitoare dinaintea sarbatorilor pascale, mi-am pus in gand sa fac o schimbare. Voi pune accent pe schimbarea comportamentului si diminuarea stresului vibrant ce m-a cuprins in ultima perioada.

Astazi imi doresc sa impartasesc cu voi, dragi cititori, cateva dintre metodele pe care imi doresc sa le abordez in evitarea stresului si pastrarea calmului cat mai mult cu putinta.


(Sursa Imaginii – Unsplash)

Ce este stresul?

Dexul defineste : STRES, stresuri, (Med.) Termen general utilizat pentru orice factor din mediu (traumatism, emotii, frig, caldura etc.) capabil sa provoace la om si la animale o stare de tensiune si o reactie de alarma a organismului, determinand uneori imbolnaviri grave; p. ext. efect nefavorabil produs asupra organismului fiintelor de un factor de mediu.

Cum sa ne pastram calmul in situatii stresante?

Faptul ca suntem intr-o graba constanta ne seaca de energie. Munca, rutina de zi cu zi si situatiile neasteptate ne pun rabdarea si calmul la incercare, coplesindu-ne complet. Asadar, cateva etape importante pe care trebuie sa le respectam in cazul de fata sunt:

  1. Respira si Expira. Respira si expira adanc de 5 ori. Imagineaza-ti cum toata tensiunea dispare din organismul tau dupa fiecare expirare si zambeste.
  2. Relaxeaza-te. Dupa procesul de respirare/expirare analizeaza-ti trupul si identifica exact ce zone sunt inclestate si tensionate. Maseaza incet zonele afectate si imagineaza-te intr-un loc ce te-ar putea calma: la plaja, la munte sau chiar intr-o cada fierbinte cu apa.
  3. Nu pune la suflet, renunta. Oricat de ciudat ar parea, sa renunti la o situatie stresanta este de foarte multe ori, indicat. Faptul ca te stresezi si te ingrijorezi nu vor ameliora situatia, deoarece esti deja implicat in act. Asadar, tine capul sus si renunta, spune Nu.
  4. Daca ai un tel maret, imparte-l in succese marunte. Sa te concentrezi mereu pe rezultatul final poate deveni obositor deoarece implinca mult timp si rabdare. Nu te mai concentra pe ganduri negative. Faptul ca iti oferi feedback pozitiv te va ajuta sa cresti in rabdare, in curaj si sa gasesti mai multa bucurie in indeplinirea unui tel.
  5. Ce ar face altcineva in locul meu? O alta modalitate de a te destresa este sa iti imaginezi ce ar face alta persoana in locul tau. Intreaba-te pur si simplu, ce ar face „Z” in situatia asta? „Z” poate fi oricine, eroul tau preferat din ultima carte citita, personajul mult adorat dintr-un film sau chiar tu intr-un anumit moment al vietii tale. Deoarece „TU” esti puternic.
  6. Priveste imaginea in ansamblu. Atunci cand te vei regasi intr-o situatie stresanta, opreste-te, respira adanc. Intreaba-te daca te vei pierde cu firea acum, acest lucru va mai conta: saptamana viitoare, luna viitoare, in urmatorii 10 ani? Raspunsul, il stii si tu, il stiu si eu, Nu va conta! Ce sens are sa ne agonizam intr-o durere pasagera ce probabil nu ne-o vom reaminti saptamana viitoare?
  7. Nu iti mai cere imposibilul! Nimeni nu este perfect si este in regula. Perfectiunea nu a existat niciodata, si nici nu va exista. Sa ceri permisiunea de la o persoana si chiar de la tine este stresant si imposibil.
  8. Pune-ti rabdarea la incercare in fiecare zi. Poate ca o sa razi, deoarece in fiecare zi rabdarea ne este pusa la incercare de factori externi. De ce am incerca sa ne hazardam? Raspunsul este simplu. Pentru ca exersand, rabdarea noastra va deveni mai maleabila si vom putea reactiona diferit la necunoscut, fara stres si nervi, doar cu calm si perseverenta.
  9. Fii prezent in ASTAZI. Atunci cand ai multe lucruri de facut si trebuie sa fii activ 24/24, atat la serviciu cat si acasa, nu iti mai suprasolicita gandurile si energia pe ziua de maine. Traiesti astazi, esti prezent astazi in actiunile de astazi si punct. Deoarece ziua de maine va veni oricum, si nu are sens sa gandesti astazi pentru maine si maine pentru astazi.
  10. Ai grija de tine, si asculta-ti gandurile frecvent. In jurul nostru suntem in fiecare zi atacati din toate directiile, si in unele cazuri nu exista nimeni in jur sa ne poata oferi sentimentul de confort si siguranta. Programeaza-ti mai mult pentru a avea grija de tine. Respecta-ti gandurile si dorintele, iubeste-te pe tine insuti. Daca tu te vei iubi indeajuns pe tine, atunci si ceilalti o vor face.

Tine minte, drag cititor, tu esti cerul… restul lucrurilor ce se intampla fac parte doar dintr-o vreme trecatoare.


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Song of the day #52

Jenebo – Home – Lyrics
When the road ahead seems long
And I wonder where to go
How could it all go so wrong
It doesn’t feel the same now when you are gone
Did you find your place does it feel like home?
We traveled different roads, where do I belong?
Heaven on my mind, heavy in my chest
I need to find a place for my head to rest
Somewhere to go, where I feel
I feel, I feel, I feel
Where I feel home
Will it be easier down the road
I thinking about you as I go
On my knees I beg you please
Can you come back and be with me?
Did you find your place does it feel like home?
We traveled different roads, where do I belong
Heaven on my mind, heavy in my chest
I need to find a place for my head to rest
Somewhere to go where I feel
I feel, I feel, I feel
Where I feel home
Where I feel home
Where I feel home
Walk these miles with my bare feet
Up the hills over the fields
Carry the burden of this grief
I feel old but I was told
That someday I’ll find my

How to overcome fatigue accumulated during the week

Today, 4/18/2019, on Thursday I declare that I feel tired. Last week was extremely crowded, and on the weekend I worked and this week seems to be just as busy.At one point, in the middle of the week, I had the impression that I was pulling with all my strength to resist and face the challenges of every new day. But I never did it with the „charged” batteries. Thus, small mistakes have squeezed both in work and at home.

The most important thing is that I have learned to be perseverant and to treat every new aspect of my life. I have learned from mistakes and gradually build a new I every day, in a better way, despite all the obstacles from the outside, from nowhere.

Today, I thought it would be important to share with you, dear readers, some ideas and tips on how we could cope with the tiredness over the week.

In order to be able to recover our energy and daily activity we need to respect a few simple elements:

1. Nourishment

Everyday food has to be chosen according to the needs of the body, otherwise if we feel tired, then our interior is equally affected.

It is important to avoid large amounts of carbohydrates, especially unhealthy carbohydrates in sweets. Existing carbohydrates in sweets increase and then lower blood sugar, producing mood swings and fatigue.

But that does not mean we have to avoid carbohydrates altogether, because they are responsible for increasing serotonin levels (serotonin increases the level of well-being in the body). Thus, it is advisable to replace unhealthy carbohydrates with various healthy vegetables, fresh fruits or even cereals.

Also a good source of energy and vitality are the oil. Hazelnuts, caju, almonds are rich in protein and magnesium. The absence of magnesium in the body can lead to fatigue.

Selenium Complex, Omega 3, Magnesium and Vitamin B12 – are real adjutants in combating fatigue and lack of energy. From the meat category we recommend: pork meat (rich in tyrosine), fish meat (rich in Omega 3). A need for 20-25 g of fiber is needed every day.

Hydration on time – is very important in combating fatigue, as dehydration causes fatigue. Therefore, it is important to properly hydrate each day, respecting the average of 2.5 L of water.

Black chocolate – A square of dark chocolate in a snack increases the level of energy and good mood. Cocoa beans contain caffeine and theobromine (a caffeine-like compound).

2. Coffee
Coffee is the most recommended drink to combat fatigue. I do not know how it works for other people, but to me, short-term 🙂. Caffeine increases metabolism for the moment and improves concentration. So a coffee drank at different intervals of the day will help us maintain concentration and will prompt us to be alerted for a longer period of time.3. Passion for exercise

People who know me may admit that I’m joking. Seating at work for 8-9 hours a day and accumulated fatigue impedes the will to move. But, however, we have to try. It is important to get out of the chair once in a few hours, to let ourselves out with a few exercises, to go out to clean air to oxygenate our brains.

We have to practice at least 1 hour / 30 minutes a day of exercise during our free time. I recommend back exercises especially for people who work in the office and stay with their backs bent more and more. Also, exercises for hands and feet are important for a better posture and for improving blood circulation in the body. Even a quarter-hour walk is a step forward for a healthy life.

4. Rest
Specialists recommend 8 hours a day for sleep. Working in night shifts and arriving at a late hour at home can interfere with your regular rest. Thus, chances are either to sleep more than 8 hours, or not to sleep for 5 hours.Regardless of work schedule, rest periods must be strictly observed. In order to be able to focus throughout the day, in order to be productive and positively charged, we need to rest properly.


Respecting everyday rest, healthy eating, hydrating and moving, we will be able to fight against so much fatigue and keep ourselves healthy and energetic. A healthy body maintains with a healthy, well-thought-out and well-established program.

I consider that the formula of Iuvenal: „Mens sana in corpore sano” applies very well in this article. So, dear readers, let’s keep a healthy mind in a healthy body!

All the pictures used in this article can be located on Unsplash.