Long time no write – Kate is back!

It’s been a lot since I haven’t been around. More than a month, actually.

I have been so busy with my new job that I forgot about my blog, I forgot about me, I forgot about everything. It’s a bad thing to give up at what you love to do, especially if you have spent years of your life dedicating to this – in my case, blogging activity.

Because at some part writing becomes a part of yourself, a part of your character, a part of what you are today. So, I know that I am not too good at promises sometimes, but starting from today, I want to get back, entirely.

I don’t know if you had missed me, but I for sure missed you. I missed reading the stories which you write with passion and eagerness. I missed laughing at new posts, I missed the angry feelings and then, the shy and sad tears on the cheek. I missed being with my big WordPress family.

What happened in the meantime…

As I said, it’s been a long time since I haven’t written anything on the blog. To be more precise, exact 42 days. To be honest I did not even notice when time flew away, I was busy with making plans, busy with life.

In the meantime I got a new job as a Service Desk Assistant in English in IT. It’s not much, but it’s a decent job, which offers opportunity and embraces real time situations and requires access to a huge mass of information.

It’s a really challenging task to just move from a job of Food Engineering to a job in Service Desk in IT. I mean, this really has no connection with my studies at all. I dedicated my whole study area to the Food Industry field and now I am trying to grow and develop in a whole different field, in IT.

But, as I am still young, I think there is nothing bad with changing domains. If life hadn’t provided me with opportunities in the studied alimentary field, then it’s okay to move forward. I think you may be familiar with the saying: „When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

In the end…

In the end of this post I want to thank you all 821 followers, and all readers up there for still bearing with my blog, even though I have had a big break, even though you haven’t seen any new interesting posts from Katherine’s page.

It’s 1 AM o’clock in Romania at this time, I just returned from work and I am so tired, but happy that I could came back to my passion, blogging. Happy that I have returned in my world.

So how have you been ? What have you done lately? Have you missed me as well? 🙂


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58 de gânduri despre “Long time no write – Kate is back!

  1. You were looking forward. But I am very glad you have solved your troubled affairs. I know that adapting to the new conditions takes time, that’s why, personally, I have all the understanding. I want inspiration and … time for all! Do not forget to save your health. 🙂

  2. Welcome back to this world and the world of Information Technology, I hope you find this field good enough to invest your talent and time. And yes, awaiting blogs from your side.

  3. First, my heartiest congratulation for your new job and i wish you all the best in it.
    Trust me katherine,I missed you every day in all these 42 days and iwud click every day on your blog to see your new posts- you are such a darling soul.
    love and hug!

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