Thought of the day 20#

Decisions, decisions and decisions, we rule our entire life by those strings. Sometimes I just stay and think, I just meditate about the present period but don’t usually think about future. Quotes say to live in the moment and enjoy the present, but what if sometimes hurried choices contour your life in future?… .

Things are meant to happen in time, one by one, step by step just to be felt and lived in  entire proportion. Patience should be the thing which enlightens our way, always and forever. It’s just sad that reality teaches us this fact, later, when it hurts the most.

We are young, we live and we love. Rules are not respected all the time and are there just for presence, and to be over-passed. When we are young we are free and do almost whatever we want, we go savage and live life to the fullest.

The heart is so fragile and easy to be broken, that we don’t even realize when that happens. It’s all laughs and happiness until left alone in solitude, and your heart just starts skipping a beat. Tic-tac, all the time on the watch of life, but time is always cruel.

We want to make a difference, to be someone, to be independent and fully responsible of our facts and decisions. We want to own the situation and be 100% proud of our development and courage that we have given proof in life, building huge castles of sand.

But castles of sand no matter how huge, they will always collapse at the strongest wave. And those situations you owned in past make no difference in the now situations, the ex future. Young souls are supposed to get crushed, turn into sand and after that be a part of something beautiful and huge again.

That is our life’s trace usually, get up and be awesome, fall back in our knees again, turn into flat sand, and rise again. The heart might get lost sometimes, but we should always use our brains just to get in the fact, accept the reality and move on.

William Shakespeare once written: I must be cruel, only to be kind. One should always be tough with a personal self, just to improve and become better in time.


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Song of the day 44#

Gandul zilei 19#/Thought of the day 19#

Este seara si tarziu. Mult prea tarziu pentru a concluziona elementele importante ale zilei, mult prea obositor. Mintea este incarcata de notiuni nemaintalnite iar picioarele se simt greoaie si obosite, trupul este istovit. Dar cine mai sta sa numere orele si minutele scurse? La urma urmei timpul este facut sa treaca.

Afara e intuneric. Seara s-a lasat pe nesimtite, cuprinzand lumea intr-o manta neagra si umeda. Pe drum se zaresc faruri aprinse ale unor masini ratacite intr-o intersectie mult prea ingusta si becuri ce lumineaza slab soseaua.

Pe trotuar poti asculta pasii incalciti si grabiti ai trecatorilor osteniti adancindu-se in belti formate de sezonul ce tocmai a trecut. Lumea este agitata si se grabeste, fiecare la randul lui asteptand sa ajunga la adapost, intr-un loc cald si primitor, ferit de intemperii si tristeti, intr-un loc numit acasa.

In statia de microbuz, bancile de lemn sunt umede si mult prea reci. Stropii ascutiti de apa trec fulgeratori prin adapostul temporar, iar vantul arunca furios cu valuri de frig si neputinta. Fire subtiri si albe se ivesc de nicaieri pe cer, luminand pentru un moment intinderea pamanteasca.


Dar este abia luni si este ora 9 seara. Se arata o saptamana intreaga in fata plina de provocari si incercari, o saptamana intensa si lunga. La sfarsitul zilei ma simt amortita si mult prea obosita pentru a mai putea descrie si alte lucruri, lucruri vazute si simtite, lucruri care pot fi spuse si lucruri care trebuie tinute in adancul sufletului.

La sfarsitul zilei vreau doar sa tac si sa ascult ploaia, sa simt picaturile de ploaie pe piele contopindu-se cu sudoarea unei zile prelungite.

English version

It’s evening and late. Far too late to conclude the important elements of the day, far too exhausting. The mind is loaded with unimaginable notions and the legs feel awkward and tired, the body is exhausted. But who else can count the hours and minutes spent? After all, time is gone.

Outside it’s dark. The evening was left unmoved, encompassing the world in a black and wet mantle. On the way there are light beams of lost cars in a too narrow intersection, and light bulbs illuminating the road.

On the sidewalk you can listen to the hurried footsteps of the wandering passers by deepening into puddle formed by the season that has just passed. The world is agitated and hurrying, each in turn waiting to go to shelter, in a warm and welcoming place, away from the weather and sadness, in a place called home.

In the minibus station, wood benches are damp and too cold. Sparkling water splashes are flashing through the temporary shelter, and the wind blows furiously with cold waves and powerlessness. Thin and white threads rise out of the sky, lighting up for a moment the earthly stretch.

But it’s only Monday and it’s 9 o’clock in the evening. It will be a full week full of challenges and trials, a long and intense week. At the end of the day I feel numb and too tired to be able to describe other things, things seen and felt, things that can be said and things to be kept deep in the soul.

At the end of the day I just want to hear the silence and listen to the rain, to feel the drops of rain on the skin merging with the sweat of a prolonged day.

Vinerea cea tacuta/The quiet friday (Quote of the day 18#)

Imi place sa privesc cerul. Si uneori sa tac. Sa stau in monotonia gandirii ascultand sentimentele cele mai ascunse si emotii mult prea traite.

Prea multa vorbarie uneori este in zadar, obosesti la un moment dat. Asadar, prefer sa stau, sa ascult, sa interpretez, sa las persoanele din jurul meu sa se exprime. Si cele mai sociabile persoane au nevoie uneori de o pauza, de tacere.

Ma pierd in multime, alaturi de oameni necunoscuti si curiosi, cu priviri iscoditoare si critice. Atitudinea pastrata este aceeasi mereu, pasiva si indiferenta. De ce mi-ar pasa ce gandesc persoane pe care nici macar nu le cunosc?… .

Firicele de vant subtiri gadila pielea si transmit fiori reci in corp. Haina de iarna apasa adanc pe corp si ghetele grele incetinesc pasii. Dar afara este inca frig si februarie, si sufletul vrea sa se ascunda dupa un anotimp rece, jucandu-se cu o realitate fragila. Oboseala este omniprezenta si sufletul incarcat.

Dupa nori fumurii si grei, pare a se ivi si soarele cu dinti, domnind precum un rege maiestos si puternic. Ciori negre incoltesc cerul in semn primejdios cu sunete morbide si reci, intr-un peisaj de iarna tarzie.

English version

I like to look at the sky. And sometimes keep quiet. To Stay in the monotony of thinking, listening to the most hidden feelings and emotions way too lived.

Too much talk sometimes is in vain, you get tired at some point. So I prefer to stand, listen, interpret, let the people around me express themselves. And the most sociable people sometimes need a break, to enjoy the silence.

I lose myself in the crowd, with strange and curious people with curious and critical looks. Attained attitude is always the same, passive and indifferent. Why would I care what people think if I do not even know them?

The thin wind gadgets the skin and transmit cold creeps into the body. Winter clothes press deep on the body and heavy boots slow down the steps. But outside is still cold and February, and the soul wants to hide behind a cold season, playing with a fragile reality. Fatigue is omnipresent and the soul loaded.

After the smoky and heavy clouds, it appears the cold sun, reigning like a majestic and mighty king. Black crows embody the sky in a dangerous sign with morbid and cold sounds, in a late winter landscape.

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