Song of the day 32#

2018 in a nutshell

The final strings of the year 2018 are tallied by the thin sand of life’s hourglass. We are just a few hours into the new year 2019, and on this occasion, I’d like to reflect on 2018.

I’d like to believe that 2018 was a good year. Looking back on all the tasks fulfilled, all the hardships I have been through, all the lessons, and all the breakthroughs, I can only say that the year 2018 was awesome. It was the year of understanding and knowledge for me, the year when college ended, and I began preparing for a positive and lasting future.

2018 was the year I wept tears of happiness and yearned to finish my studies, the year I ascended the social ladder, becoming a full-time employee (not from the first attempt, but it is important that I found the balance later).

In 2018, I met new people, souls gifted with unique personalities and behaviors, great people, and bad people. I formed friendships that eventually fell apart, I laughed with desire and wept with salty tears. Every person I’ve encountered has left a little imprint on my spirit, changing me for the better and teaching me to see life for what it is, good and bad.

I’ve learned to appreciate the people around me and realized the true meaning of the term „family.” After a hard day at work, the finest rejuvenating therapy is to embrace loved ones and the familiar home environment, to feel love and to be loved.

I’ve realized that I shouldn’t be frightened of failing, but rather of not trying. I’ve learned that even when life throws me a curveball, I must go on and be grateful for the experience; That every bruise is a lesson, and every lesson is a step forward.

I’ve learned that there are people in worse circumstances than mine, that I don’t have to be sad for every punch, and that I should talk less and listen more. I discovered new destinations in the world and had wonderful trips with my loved ones. I understood that some of the most beautiful adventures can only be discovered by being lost.

Last but not least, in 2018, I began to grow, article by article, with the blog I am currently writing, and I began to consider the future. I realize that WordPress conceals a unified and magnificent world; I have discovered committed bloggers; and I understand that WordPress, as a massive platform, can make a difference. I’d want to thank the WordPress team as well as the hundreds of readers and blogs that make this possible.

Emotions, restless nights, unexpected tears and aspirations, triumphs, failures, struggles, patience, endurance, faith, love, discovery, happiness, and fulfillment have marked my 2018.

What will 2019 bring? I’m curious too. I’m not the type of person who assembles elaborate plans, but when I want something, I work hard to make it happen.

I wish for more than just good health in 2019. I want to be happy with my family, grow into my new career, and continue to narrate the tale of my life through the WordPress platform, word by word.

At the end of this post, I’d like to thank everyone who supported me throughout 2018, especially those who believed in me and helped me become who I am today.

Now, at the age of years, I wish you confidence and the fortitude to face the new year’s challenges.
Happy New Year! Wishing you wealth, health, and happiness!

(Image source – Unsplash)