Song of the day 32#

2018 in a nutshell

The final strings of the year 2018 are tallied by the thin sand of life’s hourglass. We are just a few hours into the new year 2019, and on this occasion, I’d like to reflect on 2018.

I’d like to believe that 2018 was a good year. Looking back on all the tasks fulfilled, all the hardships I have been through, all the lessons, and all the breakthroughs, I can only say that the year 2018 was awesome. It was the year of understanding and knowledge for me, the year when college ended, and I began preparing for a positive and lasting future.

2018 was the year I wept tears of happiness and yearned to finish my studies, the year I ascended the social ladder, becoming a full-time employee (not from the first attempt, but it is important that I found the balance later).

In 2018, I met new people, souls gifted with unique personalities and behaviors, great people, and bad people. I formed friendships that eventually fell apart, I laughed with desire and wept with salty tears. Every person I’ve encountered has left a little imprint on my spirit, changing me for the better and teaching me to see life for what it is, good and bad.

I’ve learned to appreciate the people around me and realized the true meaning of the term „family.” After a hard day at work, the finest rejuvenating therapy is to embrace loved ones and the familiar home environment, to feel love and to be loved.

I’ve realized that I shouldn’t be frightened of failing, but rather of not trying. I’ve learned that even when life throws me a curveball, I must go on and be grateful for the experience; That every bruise is a lesson, and every lesson is a step forward.

I’ve learned that there are people in worse circumstances than mine, that I don’t have to be sad for every punch, and that I should talk less and listen more. I discovered new destinations in the world and had wonderful trips with my loved ones. I understood that some of the most beautiful adventures can only be discovered by being lost.

Last but not least, in 2018, I began to grow, article by article, with the blog I am currently writing, and I began to consider the future. I realize that WordPress conceals a unified and magnificent world; I have discovered committed bloggers; and I understand that WordPress, as a massive platform, can make a difference. I’d want to thank the WordPress team as well as the hundreds of readers and blogs that make this possible.

Emotions, restless nights, unexpected tears and aspirations, triumphs, failures, struggles, patience, endurance, faith, love, discovery, happiness, and fulfillment have marked my 2018.

What will 2019 bring? I’m curious too. I’m not the type of person who assembles elaborate plans, but when I want something, I work hard to make it happen.

I wish for more than just good health in 2019. I want to be happy with my family, grow into my new career, and continue to narrate the tale of my life through the WordPress platform, word by word.

At the end of this post, I’d like to thank everyone who supported me throughout 2018, especially those who believed in me and helped me become who I am today.

Now, at the age of years, I wish you confidence and the fortitude to face the new year’s challenges.
Happy New Year! Wishing you wealth, health, and happiness!

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Gandul zilei 12#/Thought of the day 12#

In ultima vreme am impresia ca urmeaza sa se intample ceva, am o presimtire conform DEX, [PRESIMȚÍ, presímt, vb. IV. Tranz. A simți dinainte, vag și instinctiv, ceea ce urmează să se întâmple], un sentiment ciudat.

Un buchet de sentimente neintelese de interiorul meu, ma invaluie treptat conferindu-mi o senzatie neobisnuit de stranie si incomoda.

Simt ca ar trebui sa fac un lucru insa am sentimentul ca nu este cel mai potrivit aspect pentru momentul de fata si ma indrept catre alte lucruri, fara rezultate prea satisfacatoare.

La sfarsitul zilei ma regasesc obosita dupa o zi lunga de serviciu, insa fericita pentru ceea ce am realizat. Si ingandurata asupra posibilitatilor pe care le-ar putea oferi ziua de maine.

Ma linistesc la gandul ca orice ar putea aduce ea – ziua de maine – nu voi sfarsi fara a fi invatat ceva, fara a fi evoluat. De asemenea, visez la ocazii fericite, la zambete si reusita. Pentru ca ziua de ieri se regaseste in memoria de astazi si ziua de astazi se reflecta in ziua de maine.

Dupa cum spunea si Einstein, trebuie sa invatam din ziua precedenta, sa traim pentru astazi si sa speram pentru maine, cel mai important lucru este sa nu ne oprim din cercetat.

Asadar, in aceasta seara haideti sa uitam de neplacerile acumulate de-a lungul zilei si sa privim partile pozitive. Haideti sa retraim din nou zambetele si clipele haioase ce ne-au starnit sufletul din loc, haideti sa apreciem ceea ce avem astazi.

Haideti sa ne cream viitorul nostru acum pe baza clipelor de astazi, construind caramida cu caramida visul realitatii de maine.

English Version

Lately I have the impression that something is going to happen, I have a feeling according to DEX, [PRESIMŢI, presímt, vb. IV. Tranz. To feel beforehand, vaguely and instinctively, what is going to happen], a strange feeling.

A bunch of feelings unnoticed by my inside, gradually envelops me, giving me an unusually strange and uncomfortable feeling.

I feel like I should do one thing, but I’m feeling it’s not the right thing for the moment, and I’m heading for other things, with no satisfying results.

At the end of the day I find myself tired after a long day of work, but happy for what I have done. And the thoughts over the possibilities that tomorrow might offer.

I am reassured by the thought that anything it could bring – tomorrow – will not end without learning anything, without having evolved. I also dream of happy occasions, smiles and success. Because yesterday is in the memory of today and today is reflected in tomorrow.

As Einstein said, we must learn from the previous day, live for today and hope for tomorrow, the most important thing is not to stop ourselves from questioning.

So tonight, let’s forget about the accumulated unpleasant feelings throughout the day and look at the positive side. Let’s resume again the smiles and the funny moments that have stirred our souls, let’s appreciate what we have today.

Let’s build our future now based on today’s clips, building brick by brick the dream of tomorrow’s reality.


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Song of the day 31#

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – lyrics

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Let your heart be light
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Make the Yule-tide gay,
From now on,
our troubles will be miles away.

Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more.

Through the years
We all will be together,
If the Fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough.
And have yourself A merry little Christmas now.


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Craciunul in 2018/ Christmas in 2018

In ultima perioada tind sa cred ca am pierdut adevarata esenta, adevarata bucurie a sarbatorii de Craciun. Noi nu mai sarbatorim nasterea Mantuitorului, ca in trecut ci spiritul comercial.

Televizorul ne incarca mintile cu reclame frumos imbracate in reduceri de sarbatori, cand de fapt sunt doar puternice tehnici de marketing utilizate pentru cresterea vanzarilor.

Obisnuim sa credem in neajuns si niciodata ceea ce avem nu este destul. Vrem din ce in ce mai mult, lucruri materiale si perisabile. Ne gandim mai mult la trup si mai putin la suflet, ce devine cu fiecare an mai sarac.

Ca in fiecare an de sarbatori, ne ingramadim in mall-uri si centre comerciale pentru a face cumparaturi. Ne impingem, ne calcam in picioare si ne certam pentru nimicuri, ca la sfarsitul zilei sa avem sufletul mai incarcat in energie negativa decat in ziua precedenta.

Am uitat de traditii, de obiceiuri si randuiala stramosilor. Acum, copii nu mai vin sa vesteasca Nasterea Mantuitorului din casa in casa, ci sunt preocupati cu telefoane de ultima generatie si anturaje… sunt preocupati sa para ceea ce nu sunt, sa faca impresie.

Am uitat sa respectam oamenii mai in varsta, am uitat valorile ce ne-au fost insuflate inca din primii ani ai vietii. Gasim sursa de amuzament in suferinta celuilalt si luam in deradere neputinta celor saraci cu duhul.

Gatim mese imbelsugate, ne umplem frigiderele cu bunataturi felurite pentru ca mai apoi, in cateva zile sa aruncam tot. Mancam mult, bem fara masura si apoi ajungem la spital… . In timp ce oamenii strazii mor inghetati de frig, cu o lumanare rupta in mana. Stirile vorbesc in fiecare an, mai bine decat pot eu povesti.

Daca privim in versurile colindelor, nu vom gasi niciodata realitatile zilei de astazi. In trecut lumea gasea bucurie in lucruri marunte, nu erau mese imbelsugate, nu era mandrie, doar pura fericire.

Spre exemplu in colinda Dumnezeu si Petru Sfant:

„Coborat-au pe pamant
 Cel Domnutu-i bun
In mijlocul satului

La casa bogatului
Buna seara om bogat
Gata-i cina de cinat
Gata-i cina nu-i de voi
Ca-i de alti boieri ca noi

Dumnezeu s-o suparat
De la bogat o plecat
La marginea satului
La casa saracului

Buna seara om sarac
Gata-i cina de cinat
Gata-i cina cat-o fi
Cat-o fi om imparti

Dumnezeu s-o bucurat
Si pe toti i-a saturat”

Fiul Domnului, Iisus Hristos a fost nascut intr-o iesle, in frig, pe paie langa animale necuvantatoare. EL nu a avut conditiile noastre, nu a avut mese bogate, nu a avut caldura sau asternut cald, dupa cum reiese si din colinda Afara Ninge Linistit:

„Cum s-a nascut Hristos în frig,
În ieslea cea saraca,
Cum boul peste el sufla
Caldura ca sa-i faca”

In prezent avem atat de multe beneficii incat am uitat sa le apreciem la adevarata lor valoare. Suntem sanatosi, avem un camin deasupra capului si oameni care ne iubesc.

De Craciunul acesta, haideti sa ne bucuram de lucrurile marunte, haideti sa apreciem persoanele pe care Dumnezeu ni le-a oferit langa noi, haideti sa multumim pentru tot ceea ce nu realizam ca detinem.

Bogatie in suflet, fericire in zambet si lacrimi de bucurie in ochi. Craciun fericit, dragi cititori!


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English version

Lately I tend to think that we have lost the true essence, the real joy of the Christmas holiday. We no longer celebrate the birth of the Savior, as in the past, but the commercial spirit.

The TV loads our minds with nicely packed commercials in holiday discounts, when in fact there are only powerful marketing techniques used to boost sales.
We tend to believe in shortcomings and never what we have is not enough. We want more and more material and perishable things. We think more of the body and less of a soul, which is becoming poorer every year.
Like every year of holidays, we’re busy shopping malls. We push ourselves, we stumble on our feet and fight for nothing, that at the end of the day we have the soul loaded with more negative energy than the previous day.

We forget about the ancestors’ traditions, customs. Now, children do not come to proclaim the Birth of the Savior in the house in the house, but they are concerned with last generation phones and entourages … they are preoccupied to look what they are not, to make an impression.

We forgot to respect the older people, we forgot the values ​​that have been inspired since the first years of our life. We find the source of amusement in the suffering of the other, and we take away the helplessness of the poor with the spirit.

We cook rich meals, fill our refrigerators with various kinds of goodies, and then, in a few days, throw everything. We eat a lot, drink and then get to the hospital … .While the street people are dying of cold with a broken candle in the hand. The news speaks every year, better than I can tell.

If we look at the lyrics of the carols, we will never find the realities of today. In the past, the world found joy in small things, there were no rich tables, no pride, only pure happiness.

For example in the carols God and Peter:

„They descended on the ground
In the middle of the village

At the rich house
Good evening rich man
Get ready for dinner
Ready dinner is not for you
Like other rich people like us

God is upset
From the rich he left
At the edge of the village
At the poor house

Good evening poor man
Is the dinner ready
The dinner is ready, but is few
Lets all join and eat

God rejoiced
And everyone got saturated”

The Son of the Lord, Jesus Christ was born in a manger in the cold, on straw near unguarded animals. He did not have our conditions, did not have rich meals, did not have warmth or warm bedding,

„How Christ was born in the cold,
In the poor manger,
How the ox on it blows
The heat to make it „

We now have so many benefits that we forgot to appreciate them at their true value. We are healthy, we have a home overhead and people who love us.

For this Christmas, let’s enjoy the little things, let’s appreciate the people God has given with us, let’s thank for everything we do not realize we own.

Wealth in soul, happiness in smile and tears of joy in the eye. Happy Christmas, dear readers!

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Furie, partea I/Fury, part One

Sunt momente in viata noastra cand pur si simplu ne enervam, reactionand negativ la lucruri neplacute ce apar neasteptat in viata noastra.

Nu stiu alte persoane cum sunt, insa eu, de foarte multe ori tind sa rabufnesc in fata unor situatii iritante. Ma exprim printr-un comportament rece si ostil, fara sa ascult ceea ce mi se relateaza cu lux de amanunte, fara sa analizez ceea ce se intampla cu adevarat.

De foarte multe ori, acest lucru mi se intampla cu familia, cu cei dragi. Sunt constienta ca ar trebui sa ascult mai mult, sa incerc sa inteleg si sa caut o solutie impreuna cu ei, dar uneori acest lucru mi se pare imposibil de realizat.

Familia este liantul suprem al vietii si relatia cu aceste persoane este extrem de importanta. In ciuda insemnatatii acestui nucleu, uneori atitudinea si alegerile persoanelor ce fac parte din ea, ne fac de multe ori sa punem sub semnul intrebarii sentimentele noastre pentru ei.

Adesea incapatinarea, egoismul si indignarea ne pun la incercare in situatii dificile capacitatea de perceptie si afectiunea noastra pentru persoanele iubite.


Voi cum reactionati in asemenea situatii? Cum va exprimati furia si cum reusiti sa canalizati energiile negative in afara sferei de familie?

English version

There are moments in our lives when we simply annoy, reacting negatively to the unpleasant things that appear unexpectedly in our lives.

I do not know other people as they are, but I, many times, tend to rage against irritating situations. I express myself through a cold and hostile behavior without listening to what I am referring to with great detail without looking at what really happens.

This is often the case with my family, my dear ones. I am aware that I should listen to more, try to understand and seek a solution with them, but sometimes this seems impossible to achieve.

Family is the ultimate bond of life and the relationship with these people is extremely important. Despite the importance of this core, sometimes the attitude and the choices of the people who make it, often make us question our feelings for them.

Often stubbornnes, selfishness and indignation put us in difficult situations to test our ability to perceive and our affection for loved ones.

………………………………………….. …………………………………….

How do you react in such situations? How do you express your anger and how do you channel negative energies out of the family sphere?

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Song of the day #30

In dimineata aceasta am gasit o colinda ce am repetat-o anul trecut pentru sesiunea de colinde din cadrul universitatii. Desi am finalizat acea etapa din viata mea, mi-am adus aminte cu emotie acele sentimente de bucurie si multumire sufleteasca.

Versuri colinda Marut Margaritar

Noi umblam sa colindam
Marut margaritar
Noi umblam sa colindam

Pe la curti de boieri mari
Marut margaritar
Pe la curti de boieri mari

Da’ boierii nu-s acasa
Marut margaritar
Da’ boierii nu-s acasa

Ca-s plecati la vanatoare
Marut margaritar
Sa vaneze caprioare

Caprioare n-or aflat
Marut margaritar
Numa-un pui de iepuras

Tinse pusca sa-l impuste
Marut margaritar
Si sageata sa-l sagete

Hop hop hop nu ma tintire
Marut margaritar
Ca eu nu-s ce par a fire

Ca-s Ionul Santionul
Marut margaritar
Ca-s Ionul Santionul

Nanasul lui Dumnezeu
Marut margaritar
Nanasul lui Dumnezeu

Si m-o blestemat Maica
Marut margaritar
Si m-o blestemat Maica

Sa fiu fiara de padure
Marut margaritar
Sa fiu fiara de padure

Noua ani si noua luni
Marut margaritar
Si pe-atatea saptamani

Dac-acelea plinile-oi
Marut margaritar
Jos la tara in Savoi

Biserici deschide-mi-oi
Marut margaritar
Slujbe mandre face-voi

Sa fii gazda sanatoasa
Marut margaritar
C-ai primit colinda noastra

Si la anul cand venim
Marut margaritar
Mai bogati sa va gasim


(Sursa fotografie – Unsplash)

Gandul zilei #11/ Thought of the day #11

Au trecut multe zile de cand nu am mai scris. Imi lipseau cu desavarsire momentele petrecute in fata unui laptop creand povesti, momentele in care puteam sa ma exprim prin cuvinte, momentele in care puteam sa fiu eu.

In ultimele zile viata m-a purtat prin atatea scenarii diferite ce puteau fi asternute usor pe o foaie alba, am trait sentimente si emotii pe care le puteam expune in postari deosebite, in randuri colorate si extraordinare. Dar am fost egoista.

Am trait acele clipe demne de asternut pe o coala de hartie in interiorul meu, le-am cladit in tresariri de inima si fiori ascunsi, mi-am propus sa le aduc la viata pe blog si apoi am dat vina pe timp.

Mi-am zis ca timpul este scurt si el m-a lasat sa cred ca asa este. M-am gandit la timp ca la un stapan manipulator crud care imi rapeste din dorinte, care nu ma lasa sa fac ceea ce vreau cu adevarat.

Asadar, de la o zi la alta am privit neajutorata cum in interiorul meu creste aprig o dorinta intensa de a scrie. Am simtit o arsura in suflet si un foc mocnit in interior, un lucru ce se voia facut dar care era contramandat de pe o zi pe alta.


Viata este precum un platou vechi de filmare in care noi suntem actorii. In fiecare zi suntem pusi in fata unui scenariu deja scris, repetand asemeni actorilor obositi rutina cotidiana. Din cand in cand trebuie sa mai modificam scenariul, schimbandu-ne modul de a juca in fata multimii, fiind NOI INSINE pur si simplu.

Pentru a putea fi dedicat activitatilor zilnice trebuie intai sa fii dedicat tie.


(Sursa – Unsplash)

Uneori trebuie sa ne facem timp si pentru ceea ce ne place, sa ne respectam dorintele si poftele, realizand ceea ce ne defineste.

In fiecare zi muncim, facand ceea ce trebuie pentru bunastarea familiei si prosperitate. Onoram dorintele celor din jur si luptam pentru fericirea celor dragi, neglijand propria persoana, uitand de pasiune, de ceea ce ne-a adus unde suntem acum.

Relatia cu noi insine „seteaza canalul” pentru toate celelalte relatii cu cei din jurul nostru. Daca noi suntem fericiti si multumiti de propria persoana, atunci si cei din jur vor simti asta.

Poate ca ne simtim impliniti, cu o familie fericita si unita, poate ca ne simtim iubiti de cei din jur, insa acest lucru nu inseamna ca nu trebuie sa ne mai iubim pe noi insine. Ingrijirea de sine nu este un act egoist, ci din contra. Pentru a putea oferi ingrijire altora, trebuie sa ne ingrijim de propria persoana intai.

La finalul zilei, propria fericire este cea care impartaseste zambete in jur si atitudinea ta se reflecta in ochii celor din jur.

English version