Un vis ciudat m-a trezit noaptea trecuta. M-am visat in locuri necunoscute de mine, la tara, intr-un anotimp rece si intunecat, cu oameni straini.

M-am visat intr-o familie de oameni simpli, cu nevoi si griji elementare dar care ma iubeau ca pe fiica lor. Am visat ca aveam o bunica frumoasa si atenta, iubitoare si harnica ce ma proteja ca pe un trandafir.

M-am visat din nou in anii tineretii, pe cand inca eram in pragul studiilor, mi-am visat caiete si cursuri, notiuni si informatii. Am stat din nou langa fantana impodobita de brazi falnici din curtea scolii si am admirat-o in toata splendoarea.

M-am vazut din nou langa tineri studenti si oameni de o varsta cu mine, m-am visat cu zambetul pe buze, m-am visat descoperind lumea.

Si am mai visat ca am finalizat scoala, m-am visat indragostita. Am trait fiorii momentelor puerile cand bunica iti interzice sa iesi noaptea cu tinerii la ore mult prea tarzii pentru varsta ta, am trait sentimente.

M-am visat mai indragostita decat am fost vreodata in aceasta viata, de parca inima mi-ar fi sarit din piept, si corpul ar fi fost martor. Am visat ca ma intalneam pe furis cu un necunoscut chipes, si ca de fiecare data in momentul in care apucam sa schimbam doua priviri, cineva intervinea intrerupand toata povestea, separandu-ne temporar.

Am visat ca am primit prajituri de la familia persoanei necunoscute fata de care aveam sentimente, un platou intreg de prajituri moi, fine si delicioase.


Dintr-o data o alarma asurzitoare ma arunca din vis in prezent, la ora trezirii, 7.

Cu corpul beat parca de aroma somnului si ochii in lacrimi, ma aplec catre alarma si o inchid. Inima imi bate puternic si imi apasa dureros pe atrii, generand o durere surda. Un tinitus venit de nicaieri imi fura auzul si echilibrul facandu-ma sa ma prabusesc din nou, in asternutul moale. Insa creierul lucreaza si mintea e treaza. Ce a insemnat tot acel vis? Si de ce am sentimente profunde pentru persoane nemaintalnite?!…


(Sursa Unsplash)

English version

A strange dream woke me up last night. I dreamed myself in places unknown to myself, to the countryside, in a cold and dark season, with strange people.

I dreamed of a family of simple people, with basic needs and worries, but who loved me as their daughter. I dreamed that I had a beautiful and loving grandmother, loving and hardworking that protected me like a rose.

I dreamed again in the years of my youth, while I was still on the brink of studies, I dreamed of notebooks and courses, notions and informations. I stood next to the fountain adorned by towering trees in the courtyard of the school and admired her in all splendor.

I saw myself again with young students and people of an age with me, I dreamed with a smile on my lips, I dreamed of discovering the world.

And I dreamed of finishing school, I dreamed that I was in love. I felt the horror of the baby moments when your grandmother forbids you to go out with the young people at an hour too late for your age, I have felt feelings.

I dreamed myself more in love than I ever had in this life, as if my heart had jumped out of my chest, and my body would have been a witness. I dreamed that I met with a charming man, and that every time we started to change looks, someone was interrupting the whole story, temporarily separating us.

I dreamed that I had cakes from the unknown person’s family to whom I had feelings, a whole platter of soft, delicate and delicious cakes.

                               ………………………………………….. …………………………………..

Suddenly a deafening alarm is throwing me out of my dream at the moment of awakening, 7.

With a drunk body with sleeping aroma and eyes in tears, I lean toward the alarm and close it. My heart is beating hard and painfully pushing my arteries, generating deafening pain. A tinnitus coming from nowhere steals my hearing and balance, making me crash again in my soft bed.

But the brain works and the mind is awake. What did that dream mean? And why do I have deep feelings for people I have never met? …


(Unsplash source)

26 Comments on “Gandul zilei/ Thought of the day 9#

  1. Are they your guardian angels, giving you some signals… actually yesterday, I was reading book on angels, and that’s why this thought came in my mind after reading your post?

  2. Ce ți-e și cu visurile astea! Cred că ar trebui să extragem din ele doar speranțe, așa cum fac cei încrezători în horoscopul zilnic. Să ai parte de împliniri, dragă prietenă! 🙂

  3. It’s refreshing to dream of something sweet, being in love, having around the people who cares, and being young once again. I would be on my bed longer 🙂

    • Thanks for letting me know, Saania.
      I always check for new posts when I have time and when I think that post deserves the comment.
      Have a nice day!

  4. Visele – nu visurile – sunt oglinda subconstientului nostru 🙂 Poate gasesti persoana necunoscuta din vis 🙂 Te saluta Daniela – o blogerita la inceput de drum 🙂

    • Okay, Daniela!
      Visul e cam contrastul opus la ceea ce se intampla in realitate, eu am finalizat facultatea, sunt casatorita deci nu se prea aplica.
      Te salut si eu, si merci draga blogerita. Iti urez mult succes in lumea blogului!
      🙂 😉

  5. Dar important este ca in viata reala sa te simti la fel de iubita precum in vise. Ei, si daca acum te trezesti trista, nu-ti face griji, fericirea apare cand te astepti mai putin!

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