500 followers, thank you!


While reading a couple of my bloggers’ articles, I received this WordPress message announcing a rise in the number of followers on my blog:

I was both astonished and happy. I never expected that the texts written in time would attract so many people willing to know about my personality and thoughts.

When I first started blogging 5 years ago, I did it for fun, trying to leave something behind. I didn’t want my passion to be wasted in a dusty waste, but rather to be discovered someplace.

I gradually came to the conclusion that reading is the process of discovering the world. WordPress, as a blogging platform, is another dimension to me. My „small” world is made up of you, the readers, and the blog authors, and I’ve noticed that it grows „enormous” with time.

Thank you for joining me in creating and developing a new reality – the realm of creativity!

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