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The blogger recognition award II

Hello dear writers and readers again!

So, I have to say I am really, truly sorry. Miss Samridhi nominated me for this award on 13 october, and I just saw it, it was in the spam „collection”. I am honored and deeply thankful for this nomination, and I wish I could say thanks a little bit sooner (hope Samridhi won’t mind 😀 ).


The rules of this award are:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site;
  • Do a post to show your award;
  • Give a summary of how the blog started in the first place;
  • Give two pieces of advice for any new bloggers;
  • Select at least 10 bloggers for this award;
  • Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and give a link to your post.

I must say that this is the second time I have been nominated for this award. I will be sharing with you the story of how my blog started:

As I said in the last post of Recognition Award, Kate’s Blog „took life” in 2013, five years ago. To be honest I didn’t give that much thought back in those days, I just had an eager wish to write, I wanted that with all of my heart and mind. I seem amazed by the think that people could read what you write and could appreciate your effort, your talent, that what you write today wouldn’t be forgotten in years on a old piece of paper.

Now, looking back I wouldn’t give up on writing for anything in the whole world. Writing is a part of me and will always be, it’s more than a hobby and more than a desire. I just wish to learn more and more, and in time be a successful writer, I want to inspire people.

I must say that even though I have spent 5 years on this platform I feel that I’m not yet an excellent blogger and that I still want to accumulate more knowledge, I want to develop even more.

My two small pieces of advice for any new bloggers are:

  1. Be yourself. Let words you write be your way of expressing YOU, as a person, as an entity; let those words define and talk about the real you. Be sincere.
  2. You have to be consistent. The words you write have to have a logic and a certain length. You can’t just write two sentences and finish an article. Admit that before you write for readers you write for yourself. Before publishing a new article, ask yourself: Am I satisfied by the post? Do I enjoy the quality of it? If you like the post then the readers must love it.

My nominees for this award are:

  1. Arinuckptl
  2. Rcaulier
  3. Shelyon
  4. Pankazy
  5. Abdul
  6. Pryanshu
  7. SirGosh
  8. Ashok Waghela
  9. Clara
  10. Thoughts

Thank you very much, Miss Samridhi and wish you all the best in life as a blogger and as a person!